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Gifted Haven Resources and Networking for Gifted Youth


April 2008: New webmaster team making changes to the site!

This site created, moderated, and maintained by Lis and her small but dedicated army of volunteers and contributors. Send questions or comments to her at Criticism, comments, or notice that you're just dropping by are welcome.

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"For [gifted children and adults], problematic behavior patterns typically are greatly reduced or disappear entirely when the person interacts with other gifted persons." --Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults

"Haven is in existence as a site dedicated solely for Gifted youth; the precocious children whose intelligence is often more trouble than it's worth.... Haven exists because, frankly, being a genius isn't exactly all it's cracked up to be."--Lis Davies, Haven Founder

The heart and soul of Haven are the forums, where years of members have deposited their reflections and offered each other understanding on life, giftedness, the world, and how to live in it. We welcome members of all ages although current membership is concentrated in the 12 to 20 range, and many members have never been IQ tested or otherwise "proven" gifted--our purpose is to help people and to enjoy each other's company, and Haven is what each new member makes it.

Alongside wide-ranging chat, we discuss and deal with gifted-specific issues like twice exceptionalities, emotional and social concerns, and education. We support another teen initiative, The Headspace Project, to promote autonomous learning.

If you're a gifted teen, we understand. No matter how strange things seem, we understand. We've seen enough similar stuff before. No promises we'll all be tactful and sensitive, but give us the chance, and maybe give something of yourself to us, so

Stay. Connect. Learn more about what it means to be Gifted, and more about yourself.

Welcome to Haven

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