Owning a Cuppy's Coffee means that you will be selling not only delicious specialty coffee, but 100%, all-fruit smoothies as well. The smoothie business is growing at exponential rates, and Cuppy's Coffee will make you a part of this growing market with its mouth-watering smoothies. When you own a Cuppy's Coffee you will own not only a coffee business, but a juice bar business as well.

All of our Cuppy's Coffee stores include a juice bar that allows your Cuppy's Coffee employees to make delicious fruit smoothies. These smoothies are made from 100% real fruit with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors (Nutritional Information). Cuppy's Coffee's smoothies are made from the freshest, premium whole fruits, and are sweetened with all-natural fruit juice. We make sure that the only fruit used in our smoothies are vine-ripened because that is the only way to get their full nutritional value and rich taste. By using quality-minded growers, carefully controlled soil conditions and global fruit sourcing we are positive that the fruit in each and every one of our smoothies is the best fruit possible for your customers.

Besides being delicious our smoothies will satisfy any health-conscious consumer. One 16 oz. smoothie provides 3 full servings of fruit and all of our smoothies are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Our smoothies are fully pasteurized, dairy free, lactose free and fat free which will allow your consumers to treat themselves daily without the guilt!

Our smoothies are award-winning, taking home Best New Product / Cold Frozen Beverage for 2005-2006 from the Specialty Coffee Association of America for its newest smoothie flavor, Acai Plus. Other wildly popular smoothies such as, Strawberry, Mango Tropics, Pineapple Paradise, and Wild Cherry Cranberry will give your customers a wide variety of fun flavors to choose from.

Another benefit of Cuppy's Coffee smoothie products is that they are shelf stable so there is no need to refrigerate or freeze the product until after opening. This makes life easier for you and more cost effective for your store.

All of these factors result in the memorable and satisfying smoothies that your customers will come back for again and again, and another profitable revenue stream for you. Remember, we are not your typical coffee business that only serves specialty coffee beverages, we offer our customers much, much more with a fun atmosphere where everyone can find something to satisfy their craving.

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