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ANNOUNCEMENT:  LINA-0.72beta03 Released

April 13, 2008: LINA 0.72beta03 has been released and is available now.
We at Lina Software are proud to announce the release of our latest beta version!

This release is free of a large number of bugs and annoying features discovered by users of the beta02 release. The new features and bug fixes in LINA-0.72beta03 are detailed below.

LINA-0.72beta03 is not a production release. It is one in a series of betas intended to prepare LINA for wider use. LINA-0.72beta03 still contains a number of bugs and inconveniences, some of which were discovered during the testing process. These “known bugs” are detailed here.

We are very pleased to be releasing a number of new applications with this version, including:
  • Nano
  • Vim
  • Elinks
  • ImageMagick
  • Apache
  • Wordpress
Instructions for downloading and installing LINA can be found in our wiki at http://openlina.org/wiki.

A special thanks to everyone who downloaded and gave us feedback on LINA-0.72beta02. The community's help is making it possible for us to rapidly improve LINA's quality and reliability for the official 0.72 release. Read more...


March 15, 2008: LINA-0.72beta01 was been released and then promptly made obsolete by the release of LINA-0.72beta02. Read more...

December 03, 2007: LINA Application Installer Released
We have merged the code for the LINA application installer into the LINA source code repository. It can be found in the directories src/toolkit/lina-tools/lina-package, src/libraries, templates/installer, and samples/installer. Read more...

November 21, 2007: LINA GUI Code Merge
We have added our initial set of reorganized LINA GUI code to the source repository. This code replaces the original LINA GUI code and adds several programming usability features. Read more...

November 13, 2007: LINA Application Installers
The 0.72 release will include a system that automatically generates native installers for LINA applications for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux/Unix. Read more...

November 10, 2007: How it works
We have added a brief tutorial about the design of LINA, for those of you who haven't yet had the opportunity to read through the source code. Read more...

November 4, 2007: LINA 0.71 is here!
This release fixes a number of bugs that caused compile errors on various platforms and offers several enhancements which are prerequisites for the upcoming release of LINA binaries and sample applications.  Read more...

September 25, 2007:  The LINA Wiki is Up!
The wiki is up. Still not much content, but that will change. Check it out here.

September 18, 2007:  LINA Source Code Released under GPL v2
Today, Lina Software released the source code for LINA under the GPL version 2. LINA enables Linux binaries to run with native look and feel on Windows, Mac, and Linux, without recompiling. This release, along with the launch of our community website, invites developers around the world to participate in the growth of this important technology Read more...

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