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Symantec warns of new Word attack
Cybercrooks are actively taking advantage of what appears to be a previously undisclosed security flaw in Microsoft Word, according to an advisory issued by Symantec. Read more...

Microsoft adds tool for evaluating software asset management efforts

Mozilla's Firefox 3 sets geeky world record for downloads

Firefox sets new record, cracks 19% market share

ISO approves PDF as an international standard

Microsoft to sell Office 'value pack' for $70 per year

OOXML projects bolster Microsoft's interoperability efforts

Is Ballmer the right man for Microsoft -- for another 10 years?

Microsoft posts Vista SP1 reliability patches

Microsoft delivers delayed Mac Office file converters

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Spreadsheets Seen As Security Hole
Several companies are starting to work on improving the often-overlooked security capabilities of spreadsheets and BI tools -- especially after sensitive data was carried on spreadsheets running on several recently stolen computers.

How to banish the 'blah blog' blues with WordPress
Tired of toying with the puny tools that cookie-cutter blog services provide? Follow the steps in this easy guide to install a WordPress blog on your domain and personalize your Web presence.

Hands on: 12 quick hacks for Firefox 3
The newest version of Firefox has plenty of new features, including the site identification button, the Bookmarks Library and what's become known as the "Awesome Bar" --- and they're all hackable.

15 ways Microsoft can reinvent itself for the post-Gates era
Its co-founder is retiring, its latest big product has been vilified, and potential partners are spurning its advances. So what does Microsoft do to remain relevant? Here are 15 ideas.

17 Greasemonkey scripts to turbocharge your browser
Add cool features to Gmail, streamline the Web, and get more out of the Internet with these must-have Greasemonkey scripts.

Hands on: Desktop virtualization pioneer runs into bugs
Among the problems: In VMware's Fusion, peripheral devices attached to USB and FireWire ports must be switched manually and custom-configured from virtual machine to virtual machine. Timing is everything, this implementer says.

Review: Opera 9.5 -- a fine browsing alternative
A new version of the Opera Web browser offers increased performance and enhanced features to those who want an alternative to IE and Firefox.

FAQ: Installing Firefox 3
Installing Firefox 3 is a simple process, whether you're installing it for the first time or installing over an existing version. There can be a few twists along the way, though. Here's what you need to know.

Hands-On: Firefox 3 fixes what's broke and keeps what's right
By fixing its memory problems and adding some nice new features, Firefox 3 continues to challenge Internet Explorer for king of the Web browsers.

Apple iWork and Microsoft Office: Can they work together?
Sharing files between Microsoft Office and Apple's iWork suite can be a pain -- especially if you've got Windows users in the mix. John Rizzo explains how to make it work.

All it takes is a couple hours and about $125 to breathe new life into an old laptop. Here's how.
Is Microsoft's Golden Age over? What are Gates' most memorable quotes? Find out in Computerworld's complete coverage of the end of the Bill Gates era at Microsoft.
There are some things your CIO definitely doesn't want to hear. Also don't miss the flipside, Five things you should always tell your boss.
With its latest version, Mozilla's browser continues to raise the bar for what Web browsers should be.
Reviews, analyses, how-tos, visual tours, hot issues and predictions about Microsoft's new OS.
Four years from now, the IT field will be a vastly different place. Will you be ready?
Cost Effective Scaling with Virtualization and Coyote Point Systems
(Source: Coyote Point Systems) Learn more about the industry trend toward virtualization, how server consolidation has increased the importance of application uptime and the steps being taken to integrate load balancing technology with virtualized servers.
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"It's IT Blogwatch: in which Carl Icahn tag-teams with Steve Ballmer in the fight for control of Yahoo! Not to..." Read more Read More Blogs

"Google went from startup to behemoth in record time. But there are increasing signs that Google has become just another..." Read more Read More Blogs

"It's IT Blogwatch: in which Grisoft, maker of the AVG anti-virus package, backs down in its attempt to DDoS the..." Read more Read More Blogs

"Mozilla's successful attempt to set a world record for downloads of a single program, Firefox 3 was dumb...." Read more Read More Blogs

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Computerworld Technology Briefing: An open-source path to optimal virtualization
Looking for a virtualization strategy that offers both the flexibility and reliability to meet the demands of mixed-source environments? Look no further than the fast-emerging open virtualization approach backed by some of the biggest names in enterprise computing. Together they are pointing the way toward higher data center performance without higher costs.
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Hands On
In Depth: Apple's Leopard leaps to new heights
A refined look, revamped apps and new options build on an already solid OS foundation. Read more...
Computerworld Technology Briefing: An open-source path to optimal virtualization
Download this Technology Briefing now!
(Source: Novell/IBM/Intel) Virtualization is about a lot more than just lowering total cost of ownership. In fact users that have taken an open source path to virtualization have realized the additional, mission-critical benefit of markedly reduced IT complexity, as well as a more flexible infrastructure that is easier to change to meet shifting, often unpredictable business requirements.
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Advance your BlackBerry(R) solution management know-how this July
Advance your BlackBerry(R) solution management know-how this July
BlackBerry Technical Seminar, register today!
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Adventist Health Improves Document Access with Single Supplier Solution
Download this white paper, free, compliments of Kodak!
(Source: Kodak) Until 2003, Adventist Health System- headquartered in Orlando, FL-relied on a paper-based filing system to manage medical records. The not-for-profit healthcare system, with over 45,000 employees, wanted to improve access to patient records at all of its 40 hospitals in 10 states. And when they transitioned to an electronic medical records system, the organization wanted to work with the best one-vendor solution for scanners.
Download this white paper go
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Read up on the latest ideas and technologies from companies that sell hardware, software and services.
Virtualization Analysis for VMware
A Guide to Understanding Messaging Archiving
Archiving Compliance with Sunbelt Exchange Archiver
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