Order of Dannebrog. Dannebrogsordenen.Royal Norwegian Orders of Knighthood and ChivalryThe Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav - «Den Kongelige Norske Sankt Olavs Orden The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav was established by King Oscar I in 1847 and is bestowed as a «reward for excellent services to Country and mankind».  The Order of St. Olav is named after the martyred viking king of Norway, Olav the Holy. The Order is divided in five classes: Grand Cross, Commander with Star, Commander, Knight Class 1 and Knight. A Collar belongs to the insignia of the Order, which can be award to recipients of the Grand Cross by the HM the King. The Council of the Order, appointed by HM the King as recommended by the Prime Minister, consists of a Chancellor, a Vice Chancellor, a Treasurer and three other Members representing the Southern, Central and Northern Regions of Norway who submit their recommendations on all matters to the Grand Master. The average annual award rate is about 30 in total for all classes of the Order with the majority in the lower classes with Knight and Commander. The higher classes with the Grand Cross and the Commander with Star are normally only awarded a few times each year at the most. «Den Kongelige Norske Sankt Olavs Orden»Den Kongelige Norske Sankt Olavs orden ble stiftet av Kong Oscar I i 1847, og tildeles som «belønning for utmerkede fortjenster av fedrelandet og menneskeheten».  Sankt Olavs Orden er oppkalt etter Norges helgenkonge, Olav den Hellige, og er inndelt i fem grader: Storkors, Kommandør med Stjerne, Kommandør, Ridder av 1. klasse og Ridder. Til ordenen hører det også et Kjede som H.M. Kongen kan tildele innehavere avStorkorset

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