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Ads Banned for Being Too Racy (NSFW) (PICS)

asylum.com — Sometimes advertisers try to sear their messages into your psyche by offering a taste of the forbidden. But playing that game can be a risk. Our curiosity about the risqué led us to compile a gallery of banned ads to see if they violate our readers' standards.More… (Business & Finance)


The Pirate Bay Starts its Summer Tour 2008

torrentfreak.com — Today, the Pirate Bay and the Bureau of Piracy start their journey throughout Europe, that will reach its climax at the art festival Manifesta by the end of next week in Bolzano, Italy. The good news is that if you’d like to join them en route, everyone is welcome.More… (Tech Industry News)


Australian iphone plans break the bank (worse than rogers!)

apcmag.com — Our major national telco is offering 200mb of data with not even 30mins of calls included per month for $89.00 (~$85 USD/CAD), if you want 1gb, then be prepared to pay well over $100 on the same call plan! Oh, and excess data? only $2.00 per mb...More… (Apple)


How To Do A Perfect 270 Degree Flip watch!

VIDEOview.break.com — (Comedy) made popular 21 min ago

The Most Spammed Country In The World is Switzerland.

tgdaily.com — You may be complaining about the number of spam emails finding their way to your email account every day, but it may come as a surprise to you that the U.S. is actually not the most targeted country by spammers: According to a report released to today, Swiss users receive 10% more of spam than the average Internet user, and 23% more than U.S. usersMore… (Security)


8 Ways to Train Like an Olympian

forbes.com — Being an Olympian is about a lot more than appearing on the cover of a Wheaties box and donning a pretty gold necklace. Check out what the experts say it takes to train like an Olympian.More… (Other Sports)


Whales & dolphins contradict long-held engineering theories

dailygalaxy.com — Biologists and engineers, applying biomimicry, have discovered novel designs for wind turbines based on whales and dolphins. More… (Environment)


Report: Judiciary may hold hearings on impeachment

rawstory.com — After insisting for nearly two years that impeachment was strictly "off the table," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be changing her tune...More… (Political News)


Mozilla Recieves the Guinness World Record certificate

blog.mozilla.com — Yesterday Mozilla received the official Guinness World Record certificate for the “largest number of software downloads in 24 hours.” From 18:16 UTC on June 17, 2008 to 18:16 UTC on June 18, 2008, 8,002,530 people downloaded Firefox 3!More… (Software)


Sweet Sleeves - Album Art Homages, pt. 2

biolog.jamsbio.com — Are they homages, parodies, or merely capitalizing on the success of artists that came before? We present to you album art inspired by an array of bands and musicians. Enjoy the ride! More… (Music)


Max Payne International Trailer watch!

VIDEOlatinoreview.com — (Movies) made popular 1 hr 50 min ago

In the eyes of the Media and the Net, you're already guilty

rd.com — For modern pundits, "presumed guilty" has more entertainment value than "presumed innocent". In newspapers, on television and radio, and now on the Internet, pundits and politicians treat accusations as truth and make sweeping declarations of guilt-shattering lives without waiting for the legal system.More… (Security)


Amazing 3D Renderings of the Inner Workings of Your Body watch!

VIDEOhybridmedicalanimation.com — (General Sciences) made popular 1 hr 51 min ago
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