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Missing in Action: Sequels We'd Love to See

Let's face it, there are a ton of great PC games out there that never got much in the way of sequel love. In today's over-saturated market of World War II clones, there are bound to be a few great gems from the past that we can revive. Back in the day, consoles didn't have much power, so the cross-platform market just wasn't there. That definitely isn't the case today. The potential customer base is massive.

Some of the rights to the games listed below are owned by dead publishers; others by publishers who just wanted them dead. Here are some games that need to make a comeback!

Aliens vs. Predator 3

The Poop—Rebellion Studios created the original Aliens vs. Predator (AvP) back in '99. I think I can sum the experience up in one word" "stressful." The audio was in a league of its own, and the dark graphics just creeped me out. Monolith made the sequel, which not only included multi-race, single player missions, but a surprisingly solid multiplayer package as well. Gearbox is working on a new Aliens game with publisher Sega, but there's no confirmation if its part of the AvP franchise or not.

The Scoop—There's a very good chance we'll see an AvP 3. Last year, an online petition made that rounds that collected over 10,000 signatures, and Fox seemed pleased. Since Sega snagged the rights to make games based off the Aliens franchise, it has signed up the likes of Gearbox and Obsidian to make an action and role-playing game, respectively. Odds are, one of them is AvP 3.

Anachronox 2

The Poop—One of the games Romero managed to crank out before ION Storm went tits up was Anachronox, a Final Fantasy-flavored role-playing game powered by the then cutting edge Quake 2 engine. Designer Tom Hall did a great job with Anachronox, but you could tell it was rushed out a little before its time. The PC market wasn't the best fit for the title either, but it did manage to attract a niche following of fans.

The Scoop—Odds of a sequel are very low. The game didn't sell well, and ION Storm is kaput. Assuming they could get it to run on a DS or PSP, I do think Anachronox would fit the handheld market like a glove, but I don't think that's likely to happen.

Baldur's Gate 3

The Poop—BioWare really made a name for itself with Baldur's Gate, a huge computer role-playing game based in the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting. The sequel was even better, and the series still has a huge fan following even today.

The Scoop—Even though a third game is a guaranteed cash cow, BioWare's proverbial plate is currently full. The company is making a massively multiplayer role-playing game, but odds are it isn't set in the Baldur's Gate universe. I wouldn't rule out BioWare letting another developer make a sequel, as it did with Knights of the Old Republic and Neverwinter Nights, but no concrete evidence points to a third game in the works at this time..

Blood 3

The Poop—Ah, good ol' Blood…the Build engine never looked so good! Monolith did make a sequel for the game back in '98 with its infamous "Lithtech" engine, but the bugs destroyed any fun gameplay experience it could have offered. The good news is that today's Monolith has moved past pushing buggy technology and is more focused on creating quality games.

The Scoop—Just imagine Blood 3 running on the F.E.A.R. engine...tasty. I doubt we'll ever see a sequel in the bloodline, but with today's technology, it could be something to think about.

Dark Age of Camelot 2

The Poop—Dark Age of Camelot is still running strong after five years, but is beginning to show its age. Literally every monster in the game needs updated skins and animations, every zone older than Catacombs needs a facelift, and the stock interface is awful. The loot is outmoded in most of the game, and the only thing bringing players into the older zones is an experience-point bonus. On the bright side, the core gameplay is still fun, which is why so many people still play it.

The Scoop—Mythic has sworn up and down that it will never make a sequel, but rather keep updating the original game. EA now owns the company, so we shall see. It might be less work to just make a new game, rather than update the current one forever. If they're worried about players losing their characters, I'm sure they can figure out a way to copy them over to the new game.

Descent 4

The Poop—Vertigo-inducing flying shooters were all the rage in the early days of 3D graphics. One of the more popular series was Descent. Both games were incredibly popular, and people still hold fond memories of them today. After a few years, the genre just died out for whatever reason. The game still has a regularly Planet site, believe it or not. Now that's some serious dedication!

The Scoop—Odds of the vertigo shooter making a comeback are about as good as parachute pants and Members Only jackets becoming the rage again.

Diablo 3

The Poop—Blizzard North may be history, but Diablo remains to be one of the biggest RPG properties in existence. The random levels, complex loot system, co-op on Battle.net and addictive gameplay made Diablo and Diablo 2 classics—not to mention massive cash cows.

The Scoop—Nothing is official, but rumors of Diablo 3 have been circulating for years now. A massively multiplayer version isn't out of the question either.

Duke Nukem Forever

The Poop—Back in the '90s, Duke Nukem was the biggest, baddest action star in PC gaming. Between kicking ass and chewing bubble gum, Duke's wisecracks made him almost as popular as Bruce Campbell in "Evil Dead." Bruce isn't so popular today, but for whatever reason people haven't forgotten about Duke yet. What happens when an independent developer makes so much money off a franchise than they know what to do with? They go into a 10-year development coma. Sometimes outside pressure to finish a game can be a good thing...

The Scoop—I'd like to play Duke Nukem Forever before I die. Please?

Fallout 3

The Poop—The post-apocalypse setting was popular back when the U.S. and U.S.S.R. were bumping heads, threatening the world with global thermonuclear destruction. One role-playing game that was able to take advantage of our seemingly imminent demise was Fallout, another fine title from Interplay, a formerly stellar publisher that seems to be taking up quite a few spots on our list.

The Scoop—Bethesda nabbed the rights to develop a single player RPG based in the Fallout universe not too long ago, but it's still in the pre-production phase, as far as we know. There was also an SEC filing from Interplay claiming it was making a MMORPG based on Fallout, but the figures involved made it more fantasy than reality, considering Interplay is basically nothing more than a crappy logo on a barren website.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto 2

The Poop—What a marvelously lovely and funny game Giants was. It introduced the pastel color pallets that games like Guild Wars are so fond of, and the use of British wit was second to none. The three different characters you could play added diversity to the game, and the multiplayer was fun as well.

The Scoop—These days Planet Moon is more focused on making games for the handheld market, so you probably shouldn't hold your breath for a sequel.

Half-Life 3

The Poop—Why not want a real sequel to a pair of awesome first-person shooters? I can dig this episodic stuff Valve is pushing, but they are more like expansion packs to Half-Life 2 than anything else. Valve needs to make some hard decisions about the series, as the run-and-gun shooter is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The Scoop—No official word that Half-Life 3 is in development, but Valve has multiple dev teams working on a bevy of products at any given time.

Interstate [Insert Year]

The Poop—Back before Grand Theft Auto was in 3D, we had Interstate '76, a funky auto-dueler. Mixing camera techniques that are popular in TV today with hilarious characters, grooving tunes and killer rides, the Interstate series was like no other.

The Scoop—Interstate [insert year] would make a perfect next-gen video game. Too bad no one is making it.

No One Lives Forever 3

The Poop—Perhaps one of the most underrated FPS series of all time is No One Lives Forever from Monolith. Cheeky spy humor wrapped in a retro '70s package made for many a memorable moment. It was also fun playing a female hero for a change, too. No One Lives Forever was one of the first games to use vehicles as well. Plus, who doesn't like to scuba? That level with the sharks was awesome.

The Scoop—Poor sales for the first two might make a sequel impossible, but we can always hope.

Planescape Torment 2

The Poop—Loved by many a forumgoer is Planescape Torment, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed RPG set in the other planes of existence. It was a dark game with evil undertones, but also lighthearted and funny at times. Just think Baldur's Gate with an M rating.

The Scoop—Odds of a sequel are equal to or greater than Elvis coming home on the mothership.

Serious Sam 3

The Poop—The first Serious Sam was a smash hit. Everyone loved it. The cool Egyptian levels, arcade style gameplay and hordes of monsters were just what the doctor ordered. Especially impressive was the fact it was developed in the middle of a civil war in war-torn Croatia. The second game was a bit of a letdown, not from a technological or gameplay standpoint, but more so for the overdone humor and bad story. The choice of bad guys to blast wasn't the best either.

The Scoop—Nothing is official, but I can see Croteam making another Serious Sam game.

Shadow Warrior 2

The Poop—Who wants more Lo Wang? I do! I do! Believe it or not, I actually remember more of Shadow Warrior than I do of Duke Nukem. Ninja stars for the win. Would a sequel do well today? I sure think it would. It might not be the most politically correct game of this century, but I think 3D Realms could have a lot of fun with a Shadow Warriors 2.

The Scoop—I doubt we'll see a sequel, but it's one of the many Apogee games that I'd love to see make a modern-day, 3D comeback.

Shogo 2

The Poop—Monolith brought Japanese-style manga to the PC with Shogo: M.A.D., a game that mixed giant robot action with your usual run-and-gun style, first-person-shooter gameplay. Multiplayer was crazy fun, and I thought the single player was actually very good as well.

The Scoop—Sometimes we hear murmurs of Shogo 2 whenever Monolith demos its new engine technology (which happens to have giant robots in it), but I have yet to see any concrete proof that the company plans to make a sequel. I think it would do exceptionally well in today's market, especially considering how multi-platform friendly it could be.

StarCraft 2

The Poop—The best real-time-strategy game of all time? I sure think so. How can twenty million Koreans be wrong? The three races, Battle.net play, a user-friendly map editor and awesome balance makes StarCraft the best real-time-strategy game ever. Don't forget about all of the catchy one-liners and cheesy CG cut-scenes either.

The Scoop—Will there be a sequel? Yes. Look for an announcement within the next year or so. Don't quote me on that though!

Tie Fighter 2

The Poop—Sure, the X-Wing games were great, but playing on the Dark Side was way more fun. Space-combat sims aren't very popular with publishers these days, and we haven't had a taste of what a good developer could do with today's technology with a Star Wars sim yet. I think it would be off the hook.

The Scoop—No sequel planned, as far as I know.

Ultima X

The Poop—Lord British may be gone, and Ultima Online is still running strong after all of these years, but it's been awhile since we've had a new single-player Ultima game. Other than the glaring bugs and horribly shoddy shape Ultima IX shipped in, it was actually a pretty good game. Is the market there for an Ultima X? You bet it is.

The Scoop—EA doesn't have any traditional RPG development houses, so a sequel is unlikely. There was an Ultima X in the works a few years ago, but it was killed around the time EA dissolved the original Origin Studios in Austin.

Unreal 3

The Poop—Unreal is the game that started it all for Epic, but the company has been more focused on its Unreal Tournament series than the original. Gears of War is, of course, the company's new baby, so short of them outsourcing the third game (which is unlikely after the mess that was Unreal 2), Unreal 3 is unlikely to be made in the near future.

The Scoop—No Unreal 3 for you.

Wing Commander V

The Poop—Wing Commander is another fabulous series left to rot in EA's house of gutted developers it's purchased over the years. Space-combat sims aren't in favor these days, but maybe they'll make a comeback someday.

The Scoop—No sequel likely.

And there we have it, 22 games that in most cases, would deliver serious sequels. As you might've noticed, we were looking more at "what if" scenarios, rather than sequels in the works now. Some of the games included are more likely to see the light of day again than others, but most will remain memories. Many would do well on consoles, others on PC, some both. Either way, it would be great to see a few return, creating even more fond memories for years to come.

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