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PAF 5.2 compact disc case

PAF v5.2
Free Family History Software

Current version is listed with each language. Each version contains the program and user's guide.

To create colorful ancestor and descendant charts, download the free basic version of PAF Companion (on the right side of this page).

English (v5.2.18) (9.7 MB)    
中文 (Chinese) (v5.2.18) (9.8 MB)    
Deutsch (German) (v5.2.18) (10.1 MB)    
日本語 (Japanese) (v5.2.18) (10.2 MB)    
한국어 (Korean) (v5.1.12) (10.3 MB)    
Svenska (Swedish) (v5.2.18) (10.0 MB)    
PAF v5.2 Lessons (English Only)
Lessons for beginning users are available for download. To access the lessons, select "Lessons" from the PAF v5.2 "Help" menu. Lessons may also be accessed online at
English (8.5 MB)    

Palm OS Viewer for PAF 5.2

Palm Viewer (52 KB)    
PAF Companion compact disc case PAF Companion Basic v5.2.1 (English Only)
Free Color Chart Printing

Print your family tree in colorful ancestor and descendant charts. It's free, easy, and fully compatible with PAF. The basic version prints up to three generations.
Download PAF Companion Basic (7.8MB)    

Upgrade to Full Version

For only $6.75, you can upgrade to the full version of PAF Companion. The full version allows you to print unlimited generations and includes 10 additional charts and reports. Choose from over 16-million colors to print charts by gender, generation and lineage. Print on any sized paper - even tile your pages to create a wall chart! Using PDF, you can share your charts electronically by email or publish to the web. Free User Guide and Wall Chart Printing Tips manuals are provided with the program.

To upgrade to the full version, simply download the free basic version (above) and follow the unlock instructions provided in the program.

PAF 4 compact disc case

PAF v4.0
Free Family History Software

PAF v4.0 contains French, Portuguese, and Spanish versions that are not available in PAF v5.2.

To create colorful ancestor and descendant charts, download the free basic version of PAF Companion (on the right side of this page).

English (v4.0.4) (5.8 MB)    
Français (French) (v4.0.4) (5.8 MB)    
Deutsch (German) (v4.0.4) (5.8 MB)    
Português (Portuguese) (v4.0.4) (5.8 MB)    
Español (Spanish) (v4.0.4) (5.8 MB)    
User's Guides
To OPEN the User's Guide with Adobe Acrobat Reader, left click on the 'Download' link.
To DOWNLOAD the User's Guide onto your computer, right click the 'Download' link and choose "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer).
English - User's Guide (1.20 MB)   Download  
Français - Guide de l'utilisateur (French) (1.26 MB)   Download  
Deutsch - Bedienungsanleitung (German) (1.36 MB)   Download  
Português - Guia do Usuário (Portuguese) (1.24 MB)   Download  
Español - Guía del Usario (Spanish) (1.01 MB)   Download  
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