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Model : Argo DVD
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High Resolution. Extremely Versatile.


The Argo DVD is a new type of compact personal display that uses a unique optical system that provides a powerful image equivalent to viewing a 48" screen at 6 feet away.

The Argo DVD features a resolution of 0.9 Megapixels (VGA - 640 x 480 @ 922,000 pixels), this pair of video glasses is designed to compliment your iPod Video, Microsoft Zune and any other device that supports an AV output including DVD Players, Set Top Boxes, 3G Phones, media players and game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii..

It is lightweight and comfortable, and features a detachable light shield and earphones.

All adapters and cables needed are included. Just plug it in and go.


Display Size: 48 inches at 6 feet away
Pixels: 640 x 480 (922k pixels), full colour
Video Input: NTSC or PAL format
Adjustable functions: Volume

Box Contents

• Video Glasses
• AC adaptor
• Eye shade to block out external lighting
• Rechargable lithium polymer battery
• AV Cables (RCA - Yellow - White - Red Males)
• RCA barrel connectors (Female)
• iPod 5th Gen AV Cable
• Stereo earphones
• Controller unit with removal lithium battery
• Bag for video glasses


$350 USD SRP (Suggested Retail Price)
$449 AUD inc GST RRP (Recommended Retail Price)


• Compatible with iPod nano with video, iPod classic and touch + iPhone*
• Direct connection with 5th generation Video iPods and 4th generation iPods with video out
• Works with Sony PSP 2000**
• Direct connection with Microsoft Zune
• Works with game consoles such as the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii
• Compatible with devices with a composite AV output such as :
      - Portable or home DVD player
      - VCR, 3G mobile cell phones with TV-out, set top box, MP4 player with AV-Output
      - Spy and Digital still or video camera and much more

* Requires Apple's AV composite cable and latest firmware installed.
** Requires PSP Composite AV Cable


12 Months (Parts & Labour)

Argo DVD

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