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Model : Argo MP
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Designed to compliment your iPod Video or Microsoft Zune


The Argo is a new type of compact personal display that uses a unique optical system that provides a powerful image equivalent to viewing a 35" screen at 6 feet away.

With a resolution of 0.3 Megapixels (QVGA - 320 x 240 @ 230,000 pixels), this pair of video glasses is designed to compliment your iPod Video or Microsoft Zune with a direct connection.

It is lightweight and comfortable, and features a detachable light shield and earphones.

Just plug it in to your iPod video or Zune and experience an amazing theatre-like screen instantly !


• Auto switch-on/off with video signal.
• Auto recognize and exchange between NTSC/PAL
• Removal stereo earphones
• Can be used while wearing glasses
• Direct connection to iPod Video or Zune - simply plugs into the AV output jack


Display Size: 35 inches at 6 feet away
Pixels: 320 x 240 (230k pixels), full colour
Video Input: NTSC or PAL format

Box Contents

* Video glasses with built-in lithium battery
* Eye shade to block out external lighting
* AV Cable for portable DVD Player
* USB charging cable
* Stereo earphones
* Bag for video glasses


$199* USD SRP (Suggest Retail Price)
$250* AUD inc GST RRP (Recommended Retail Price)


• Direct connection with 5th generation Video iPods and 4th generation iPods with video out
• Direct connection with Microsoft Zune


12 Months (Parts & Labour)


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