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Model : EVG230 (zuneVG)
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Extremely Popular. Very Affordable.

As seen on Fox45 morning news with the Gadget Grrrl (WMV)


Imagine watching the latest videos or movies on a large 37" Screen from 2M away on a device that weighs only 119g and is fully iPod Video and Zune compatible.

Play the latest games on your Xbox, PlayStation or Wii without hogging the family's TV.

Connect it to a DVD player or VCR and watch movies in your own private big screen virtual theatre.

Wear it anytime, anywhere, sitting or lying down, enjoy the portability !


• Unique optics design for safe and comfortable use
• Auto switch-on/off with video signal.
• Auto recognize and exchange between NTSC/PAL
• Only 119 grams
• Integrated stereo earphones
• Special design for glasses users
• Direct connection to iPod Video or Zune - simply plugs into the AV output jack
• Compatible with devices with any AV output devices such as Set Top Boxes, DVD players etc
• Works with the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Wii
• When completely discharged it can be FULLY charged within 2 hours via USB


• Video Signal : NTSC / PAL / SECAM
• Display : 2 TFT LCD Displays
• Colour Depth : 24 Bit
• Image Size : 37" Virtual Screen at 2M / 6.5 feet away
• Resolution : 320x240 (230k pixels)
• Aspect Ratio : 4:3
• Viewing angle: 26°
• Built-in Battery : 480mAH Lithium-ion battery (4-5 Hours)
• Voltage : DC5V

Box Contents

• Video Glasses with built in lithium battery
• Built-in stereo earphones and AV input cable
• Eyepatch to block out external lighting
• USB Charger
• AV Cable (Female RCA - Yellow/White/Red)
• AV Cable (Male RCA - Yellow/White/Red)
• AV Cable (Dual 3.5 Split Video/Audio)


$199 USD SRP (Suggested Retail Price)
$199 AUD inc GST RRP (Recommended Retail Price)

ONLINE PRICE $125 USD / $150 AUD (While stock lasts) with 30 days warranty


• Compatible with iPod nano with video, iPod classic and touch + iPhone*
• Direct connection with 5th generation Video iPods and 4th generation iPods with video out
• Works with Sony PSP 2000**
• Direct connection with Microsoft Zune
• Works with game consoles such as the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii
• Compatible with devices with a composite AV output such as :
       - Portable or home DVD player
      - VCR, 3G mobile cell phones with TV-out, set top box, MP4 player with AV-Output,
      – digital still or video camera and much more

* Requires Apple's AV composite cable and latest firmware installed.
** Requires PSP Composite AV Cable


12 Months (Parts & Labour)






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