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Read more documented information about the history of WBQC Channel 38.

Broadcast and Cable Date: May 29, 2002. The "Can you see me now?" campaign gets some national attention.

Enquirer Article Date: April 11, 2002. John Kiesewetter reports on Adelphia's announcement of WBQC Channel 25 carriage.

Enquirer Article Date: August 26, 2001. Time Warner Cable and WBQC Channel 25 deal a cease fire? Read more about the agreement between Time Warner and WBQC Channel 25.

Enquirer Article Date: August 25, 2001. Time Warner Cable and WBQC Channel 25 have an agreement where Time Warner will carry WBQC Channel 25 from 6:00pm until 11:00pm.

Enquirer Article Date: August 10, 2001. Time Warner Cable and WBQC Channel 25 are talking. Cincinnati Enquirer columnist John Kiesewetter has the latest information about the negotiations.

Enquirer Article Date: July 18, 2001. Buffy will live on - but not in Cincinnati. Cincinnati Enquirer's John Kiesewetter reports from Pasadena, CA about Buffy, WBQC Channel 25 and Time Warner Cable.

Enquirer Article Date: July 11, 2001. Cincinnati Enquirer's John Kiesewetter details the latest on the partnership between ZoomTown, CoolCast and WBQC Channel 25.

USA Today Article Date: July 5, 2001. The War goes national.

Enquirer Article Date: July 2, 2001. Time Warner's Channel 25 snub remains a mystery.

Enquirer Article Date: June 5, 2001. Time Warner is adding two new channels to the standard level. WBQC Channel 25 isn't one of them.

Enquirer Article Date: May 29, 2001. It's been more than a month since WB lost Buffy the Vampire Slayer to UPN, a channel not carried by Time Warner - and Time Warner operators still don't have the story straight.

Enquirer Article Date: May 16, 2001. Buffy fans respond to Time Warner not carrying WBQC Channel 25. And their opinions are extremely serious.

Enquirer Article Date: April 30, 2001. Buffy leaves the WB and heads to UPN. Since WBQC Channel 25 isn't on Time Warner Cable, Buffy won't be either. Enter Cincinnati Enquirer columnist John Kiesewetter. He gets the latest scoop on Buffy, WBQC Channel 25 and Time Warner Cable.

Enquirer Article Date: March 9, 2001. According to local Time Warner vice-president Jennifer Mooney, Time Warner pays attention to their customers. Read Cincinnati Enquirer's John Kiesewetter column about Time Warner and how Time Warner "changed their minds after receiving letters and calls from subscribers in response to a February 6 Enquirer story."

Time Warner's Brochure Date: February, 2001. Time Warner made several claims why cable is better than the dish. At that time they continued to inform individuals they carried all local broadcast stations.

Electronic Media Article Date: October 23, 2000. Back when channel 25 was a low power station Electronic Media wrote an interesting article on how many UPN low power affiliates were having problems with Time Warner.

Enquirer Article Date: September 27, 2000. Carrying WBQC Channel 25 isn't "...in my customer's best interest" according to Time Warner's Virgil Reed.

CityBeat Article Date: September 2000. "We offer a signal to them [Time Warner] free of charge, no strings attached." Read what else General Manager Elliott Block tells Cincinnati's CityBeat magazine.

A Letter from Time Warner's Director of Government Affairs Date: January 5, 1999. Time Warner's Pamela McDonald responds to the continuing issue of false information distribution.

City of Cincinnati Memo Date: February 23, 1995. In a memo to the City Manager regarding Time Warner's franchise negotiations, it was recommended Time Warner carry all local stations (including channel 25).

Letter from Virgil Reed Date: May 20, 1994. This is a letter from Time Warner's Virgil Reed. Before channel 25 changed it's call letters to WBQC, it was called W25AI. The station had two requests for Mr. Reed: 1. to be placed on Time Warner cable and 2. request Time Warner to not have their customer service representatives tell their customers false information about channel 25.