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  1. AR2005 to Feature Controversial Topics
  2. FARM Joins Earth Day Activities
  3. CHOICE Salutes Its Activists
  4. Activists Make Strides with Meatout Walks
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AR2005 to Feature Controversial Topics

The Animal Rights 2005 national conference will cover a number of new, exciting topics that confront our movement. Among these are:

  • Are We our Own Worst Enemies?
  • Dealing with Industry Tactics
  • Does Welfare Hinder Liberation?
  • How Aggressive Our Tactics?
  • Killing Our Unwanted Companions?
  • Effective Strategies for the Future
  • How Do Animals Learn, Communicate, Suffer?
  • Are Some Animals More Equal Than Others?
  • Improving National-Grassroots Partnership
  • Progress and Prospects of Our Movement
  • Measuring the Success of Our Actions

Top movement leaders to address these topics include Lorri Bauston, Theo Capaldo, Lawrence Carter-Long, Karen Davis, Karen Dawn, Michael Greger, Alex Hershaft, Steve Hindi, Kevin Jonas, Elliot Katz, Howard Lyman, Michael Mountain, Martin Rowe, Jerry Vlasak, and Paul Watson.

The program will include the traditional Problems/Issues, Organizing, Tactics, Rap/Reports, and Video tracks. It will also feature 90 exhibits, Newcomer Orientation, Employment Clearinghouse, Group Workouts, Networking Receptions, animal rights performers, and Awards Banquet.

Westin LAX

The conference will be held on July 7-11 at the superb Westin LAX Hotel in Los Angeles. Special features include fabulous accommodation rates with free dog beds, cruelty-free personal care products, discounted vegan meals, discounted parking, free airport shuttle, and use of the hotel's magnificent Grand Ballroom and Video Theater, with exhibits in one hall. Nearly a thousand people representing 80 groups are expected.

For the early registration discount, register now. To request a packet of AR2005 promotional cards for your friends, colleagues, or for tabling purposes, visit our literature request page.

FARM Joins Earth Day Activities

Each April, Earth Day activists remind us that becoming conscious of our personal habits and routines enables us to make changes that ensure the survival of the natural beauty around us for generations to come. We are encouraged to "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" and to substitute a bicycle or public transportation for our gas-guzzlers.

In the spirit of sustainability, FARM is disseminating 10,000 cards promoting vegetarianism to Earth Day events across the continent. We are asking people who care about the planet to evaluate their personal eating habits and see if they can't do more to protect the earth.

Saving Our Planet... One Bite At a Time
Saving Our Planet... One Bite At a Time
Why Kick the Habit?

Please visit our literature request page to request a pack of cards. Be sure to visit our Veggies for Ecology website to brush up on the facts and to find an Earth Day event in your area.

CHOICE Salutes Its Activists

Visit CHOICE website!

For the past six months, CHOICE (Citizens for Healthy Options In Children's Education) has been guiding and energizing concerned parents and others to promote vegan meals and nutrition education in their local schools. Although a number of people have responded, a handful deserve special mention.

Because of his vigorous advocacy of a New Jersey legislative resolution requesting daily vegan options in schools, Satyanarayana Dosapati has been invited to participate in the development of Governor Model's School Food Policy. Persistence and relentless networking earned Satya the support of key legislators, mainstream health advocacy organizations like the American Cancer Society, and New Jersey’s extensive Indian community.

Susan Buddensiek of Southern California introduced a daily vegetarian option in her school by joining her Parent/Teacher Association and volunteering as the Parent Nutrition Coordinator. The meal plan was so successful that a neighboring school soon followed suit.

After Michelle McFarlane of Loma Linda (CA) introduced vegan cooking classes in her daughter’s Seventh Day Adventist School, the Food Service Director has promised to introduce vegan lunch options.

Pavel Mustiak, Food Service Director of a school in Santa Clarita (CA) promised to introduce vegan lunch options following a meeting with vegan chef Cary Brown of Follow Your Heart Natural Foods, arranged by Bob Linden of “Go Vegan Radio.” Mr. Mustiak currently serves as President of the California School Food Service Association.

The successful California initiatives have been driven in part by last year's legislative resolution recommending that each school child be offered a daily vegan lunch option. The Hawaii and New York legislatures have enacted similar resolutions. CHOICE is currently working on such resolutions in Florida and New Jersey.

Choice brochures

Offering vegan lunch options to school children improves their health and wellbeing, prevents lifetimes of flawed eating habits, and saves more than 2,000 innocent, sentient animals per child from agony and death. This crucial FARM program is co-sponsored by In Defense of Animals.

Please visit, then contact Susan to help with tabling and local school initiatives.

Activists Make Strides with Meatout Walk

Orlando Walk

This year Meatout celebrated its 20th Anniversary as well as record highs in participation, supportive proclamations from government officials, and billboard and buscard placement. However, this year's observance was also the occassion for a very successful "first."

Meatout 2005 saw the introduction of the Meatout Walk, an event designed to make a positive statement about vegetarianism while raising funds for FARM's educational campaigns. Unique in its symbiotic nature, the Meatout Walk asked grassroots activists to collect donations for FARM that, in turn, would be poured right back into their respective communities; FARM is planting a billboard offering free vegetarian starter kits in the city of each Walk that raised $1,000.

This year billboards were awarded to the cities of Orlando and Philadelphia.

Coordinators extended the reach of their efforts by making use of their local media, including two stories in Orlando, radio coverage in Denver, and two stories in Evansville (IN) followed by a guest column from Meatout Director Frank Gómez.

With your help, we hope to continue and improve upon these efforts. Visit the Meatout Walk page to learn more.

Selected Links

Meatout MondaysCitizens for Healthy Options in Children's Education

Vegetarian TimesE - The Environmental Magazine

FARM Heroes

This space recognizes the people who ensure FARM's survival and effectiveness.

Casey Kasem

The public Casey Kasem is the host of "American Top 20 with Casey Kasem," heard weekly on more than 400 radio stations. The private Casey Kasem is an ardent supporter of Arab-Israeli peace, nuclear disarmament, and the animals. A long-time vegan, Casey serves as Honorary Chair of the Great American Meatout, and has always been available to help FARM when we called.

Brenda Carey and Brian Acree

Laura Moretti has served our movement for 30 years, first as an anti-cruelty investigator and more recently as an editor and designer of the award-winning The Animals Voice Magazine. Over the years, she worked for The Fund for Animals, Farm Sanctuary, The Animals' Agenda, and In Defense of Animals. Animals Voice has sponsored every one of our AR conferences since 1997.

Dezeray Rubinchik

Dezeray Rubinchik has been making headlines for the animals since she had a life-changing experience two years ago. After a disturbing photograph arrived in her email inbox, Dezeray surfed the Internet non-stop to learn more about what she had seen and became a vegetarian on the spot. Her favorite form of activism is creative street theatre, which she uses to expose the cruelty of the fur, circus, meat, and vivsection industries. Dezeray organized a Meatout Walk this March, earning a pro-veg billboard for the City of Philadelphia.

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