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Public Works

1030 S. Gateway Drive
Madera, CA 93637
7:00 am to 4:00 pm/Weekdays: (559) 661-5466
Emergency/After Hours: (559) 674-5611
Matt L. Bullis, Public Works Operations Director
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Public Works, located with the Parks and Community Services Department at 1030 South Gateway Drive, is responsible for maintenance and operation of a wide range of City equipment and facilities as well as providing assistance to members of the public.
It is the goal of the Public Works Department to provide quality services to the City and the public which include:  sufficient clean fresh water, reliable sewer services, street maintenance, storm drainage systems, street cleaning, street lights and traffic signals, while complying with numerous State and Federal regulations which must be adhered to in order to ensure public health. The 66 employees of this department work together to provide preventative maintenance and repair of these systems in order to ensure reliability.

The Department is composed of the following Divisions: Airport, Equipment Maintenance, Facilities/Electrical Maintenance,  Street Storm &  Drainage, Wastewater Treatment Plant,  and Water & Sewer.   Each Division has it's own Operations Manager who works under the general supervision of the Director.


Operations Manager - Sam Scheider

It is the responsibility of the Airport Divisions to maintain and develop the City owned general aviation airport in a safe and efficient manner. 

For addtional information regarding the airport please go to Airport, or Pilot & Airport Information (link).


Operations Manager - Roger Haydu

The Equipment Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all vehicles and equipment of all types operated by the various City departments.  In addition, the Operations Manager is responsible for equipment replacement specifications and purchasing.


Operations Manager - Tony Frede

The Division is responsible for maintenance of a wide variety of buildings, equipment and other facilities.

Activities include painting, plumbing, roof repair, general building maintenance, and electrical repair (including traffic signal repair and maintenance of City owned street lights).   The manager administers contractual service agreements for maintenance of heating and air conditioning and custodial service.

The main goal is to maintain all systems in an energy efficient and reliable condition, with top priority being given to public safety buildings, traffic signals, water wells, storm pumps, sewer lift stations and the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Operations Manager - Jeff Aguirre

The Street Division is divided into three sub-divisions:  Street Maintenance, Street Cleaning, and Storm Drainage.  They are responsible for maintenance and repair of the City’s streets, street signs, pavement markings, alleys, storm drainage systems,  the annual leaf removal program, maintain a regular street sweeping schedule, and perform other related work as well as responding to emergency situations that may arise.

It is their goal to maintain streets in a safe condition and provide preventative maintenance to postpone the need for expensive reconstruction.  In addition they remove debris from road surfaces to increase safety, improve the appearance of the roadways, improve drainage and reduce dust and air polution.  They maintain aboveground and underground collection and transmission systems designed for the removal of rainwater from street surfaces to protect the public from potential storm water damage to their person and/or property.


Operations Manager - Wayne Clay

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is the regional facility for disposal of waste water.  The treatment plant handles waste water and sewage from approximately 10,000 residential, commercial and industrial accounts. 

The primary goal of the Wastewater Treatment Division is protection of public health and safety.  In addition to complying with many State and Federal discharge and laboratory testing requirements, the Division is charged with preventative maintenance and upkeep of all mechanical equipment and facilities, maintaining energy efficient plant operations, pretreatment program administration, ground water monitoring; septage waste management; and maintenance of grounds, landscaping and effluent disposal fields.


Operations Manager - Al Holguin

This Division is divided into three sub-divisions:  Water Maintenance Division, Water Quality Division and Sewer Maintenance Division, which provide for the maintenance and operation of the City's water system and sanitary sewer collection system.

Their goal it to provide a safe, efficient and continuous supply of fresh water, ensuring the potability of the City's water supply and making sure that the City sewer infrastructure can effectively collect and deliver waste water to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

They are responsible for 16 groundwater wells, with another new well under construction, the Loy E. Cook 1-million gallon water storage tower and over 200 miles of water distribution pipe lines.  They are mandated by State and Federal regulations to keep a variety of records regarding water production and consumption, testing for biological and mineral contaminants, system performance and frequency and type of water treatment.  They administer the Water Waste Patrol program and oversee a city wide cross connection control and backflow prevention program as well as testing, repairing and certifying City owned backflow devices.  They maintain approximately 140 miles of sanitary sewer mains in a system that includes five sewer lift pump stations and main pipe lines ranging in size from 6" to 48". 

They frequently interact with the public, providing assistance when emergency repairs are needed as well as responding to questions from the public regarding water  and sewer concerns.

For important information about water use, please visit the Water Use Regulations page.

For answers to your frequently asked questions about City Services, Resolving Problems, and Your Property, please see the Find it Fast page.

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