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Welcome to ExPub, home of the world's largest collection of chemical hazard information

Welcome to ExPub!

ExPub is the premier provider of up-to date decision-support chemical information for the Global Environmental, Health, and Safety community. Our products provide easy access to an unparalleled collection of Millions of documents covering human and environmental hazard data on nearly 400,000 unique substances. Take advantage of our FREE TRIAL and find out why ExPub offers the best products and value on the market!

Our Web-based products are a valuable resource for:

  • Toxicologists
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Physicians
  • Product Stewards
  • Safety Managers
  • Hazmat/Emergency Response Personnel
  • Risk Assessment Professionals

    ..... or any other EH&S professional seeking comprehensive chemical information needed to manage the impact of chemicals on people, the workplace, or the environment.

Our products can be used to:

  • Create, maintain and manage safe, healthy and compliant workplaces
  • Respond to fires, spills, or explosions involving hazardous chemicals
  • Support chemical approval processes and identify less-hazardous substitute products
  • Author or verify MSDS and product labels
  • Create regulatory submission documents
  • Develop site safety plans

    ..... or any other activity where comprehensive human and/or environmental hazard data is needed to make informed decisions.

Contact us today for your FREE TRIAL and find out why ExPub offers the best products and value on the market!