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Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters
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Influences CBG HQ Don't miss this year's Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza!

CBG Extravaganza 08 Poster

(More, and better Quality Videos Here)

Ben Prestage live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza

'Confusion Spinnin' Around'.

CAUTION: Watch/Listen at your own risk!
Seeing Ben play has been known to make guitarists take up golf...

Online Videos by

Johnny Lowebow live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza

Online Videos by

Microwave Dave live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza
'Dead End'

Online Videos by

Leaving Miss Blue featuring Shane Speal live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza

Online Videos by

Gerry Thompson live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza
'Shoot Her in the Head'

Online Videos by

Kirk Withrow & Bukeye live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza
'Fat Girl Stomp'

Online Videos by

David Williams as 'One String Willie' live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza
'Just Stick Around' performed on diddley bow.

Online Videos by

Doctor Oakroot live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza
'Shroud of the Dead'

Online Videos by

Shane Speal & tiMOTHy Renner live at the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza
'Blue Raga/Lucy in the Sky'

Online Videos by

And to close the show, one more from Ben.


Online Videos by

Sounds Likethe way music is supposed to sound. There are as many different sounds as there are different Cigar Box Instruments.

If you're not listed here, it's your own fault. Submit your info.

Doctor Oakroot:
Doctor Oakroot website
Doctor Oakroot MySpace page

Nikolaj Anderson/One Man Band from Denmark.

The Cigar Box Guitar Forum
Meet fellow Cigar Box Guitar addicts and to chat, ask questions about building your own instrument, learn how to play or just hang out and absorb the culture.

The National Cigar Box Guitar Museum Photos

Tha Goat 24/7 Online Radio

History of the Cigar Box Guitar (Wikipedia)

Doctor Oakroot/Learn to play slide guitar on a CBG

Bill Jehle's acclaimed 'Build a Cigar Box Guitar' DVD and kit.

Insurrection Records

Max Shores' upcoming CBG Documentary

Merchandise from the 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza


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   About Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters

You'll be talking about this music tomorrow!

Welcome to Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters! The base camp for the Cigar Box Instrument Revolution! The stage for Prim Rock! Your barracks from now on.


A comprehensive, interactive resource for ALL THINGS Cigar Box Guitar related. Music, pics & videos, history, CD & concert reviews, building tips/links, performance schedules, CD & Guitar sales, interviews, art and anything else y'all want. Or you can share your knowledge...

And find friends. Not your typical MySpace friends. Friends you'll get to know and collaborate with. Many of us go back years, and get to meet and gig or jam together.

You're now embedded behind the the front lines. Grab your weapons and join the brigade. Click on Ben Prestage's live video now before you finish reading this, then try to get back here to finish reading.


Instruments from the National Cigar Box Guitar Museum:

* * PLEASE NOTE: The instruments, music, art, products and everything else contained on these pages belong to numerous individuals. Please respect all copyrights and trademarks. CBG HQ is a collaboration, and not the efforts of any one individual. Send us something of yours to feature. * *

Check out the Cigar Box Guitar Forum to meet fellow Cigar Box Guitar addicts and to chat, ask questions about building your own instrument, learn how to play or just hang out and absorb the culture.

Click this banner!

Help us provide music to our troops!!!

* * * * * N E W S * * * * *

The 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza was a bricks shook loose from the walls success, with 12 national acts performing a 14 hour concert at the Flying Monkey Arts Center in Huntsville Alabama. I started posting videos at 2007 Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza Videos. More to come!

Max Shores was on hand with a 4 camera crew to shoot footage for an upcoming CBG documentary!

Check out Shane Speal's National Cigar Box Guitar Museum.

We have our own 24/7 Cigar Box Guitar Music internet radio station. Check out THA GOAT for a new soundtrack to your life.

Check out Insurrection Records as a place to start your Cigar Box Guitar CD music collection.

Visit me at to see the guitars and gear I build. Are you a builder? Send us a link to your creations.

We're also working on CBG merchandise (T-shirts, caps, mugs, mousepads, hoodies, etc). Send us a logo design for consideration. If you already have merch to sell, send the link to be posted here.

Contact me, Ted, with any data to post, questions or suggestions.

Bookmark this page and check back to keep tabs on the weird and wonderful world of Cigar Box Guitars.

REMEMBER, CBG HQ can only work if it's interactive. That means we need your input and cooperation for it to achieve its purpose. Right now we want links to your MySpace page or website, MP3s or videos of your music, photos of your gear, articles on building and playing, your gig schedule, music reviews and any news & tidbits of info that should be shared.

The CBG Revolution relies on intelligence shared with all the troops.


'"Cigar Box Guitarist" by Boz

Boz is the Godfather of the Cigar Box Guitar.

The 1 Rule here is:

1) there are no rules

Arm yourself, step forward and let your voice sing...

- - - - - - - - - -

Excuse all the maps while I find the best intel to chart the CBG Revolution.

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Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters's Friends Comments
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Bluesboy Jag

Jul 12 2008 9:54 AM


Jul 11 2008 5:40 PM

Thanks for the add. Getting ready to make my 1st CBG. And i would love any help i can get.
The Sledge Grits Band

Jul 11 2008 6:06 PM

Hello ,
Thank you for your friendship and support, it's
greatly appreciated! Your invited to come by and sign
our new G.R.I.T.S. World Guest Book. It is a
rectangle under our
calendar of events on the upper righthand side. Upload
a picture and say 'Hi!' Please come through
anytime. Have a plum pleasing, fantastic day!
-The Sledge G.R.I.T.S. Band
GIRLS Raised in the South
Keiko and Kariel, Mimi and Bo-pah Sledge!
The godfather’s mandolin

Jul 8 2008 2:43 AM

Bruno Esposito

Jun 23 2008 5:51 PM

hey Ted. love the new vid ya posted of one string willie. good stuff....i like one string willie goes to europe too good shit....hope all is well.
thanx for being awesome :o)
Gary Nelson - American Acoustic Roots

Jun 13 2008 6:35 AM

tanks fer da add dere, daddy-O!

Vas y Joel!!

Jun 10 2008 1:26 PM

hello friends!
thank you very much to add me!love your very fantastic sound!amities from france joel
Uncle Enos

Jun 7 2008 11:01 PM


Have you seen the movie "Honeydripper"?

If you've seen the movie you've no doubt noticed the guitar played by Sonny. It's a hackwired looking instrument that could have been made by Bo Diddley in the early '50s. Its angled body looks like it was made from scrapwood and the pickups look handmade from wood and wire. Even the volume and tone knobs look hand carved.

The actual movie prop guitar wasn't made by Fender or Gibson...or even a Hollywood prop guy. The director instead hired a disabled builder from New Jersey, a guy named Ted Crocker. Crocker is known for the primitive cigar box guitars that he posted pictures of on the internet. 

Crocker actually built two Honeydripper guitars for the movie, hand winding each electrical pickup, hand sculpting each volume and tone knob and assembling each instrument to look and feel like the quintessential "birth of rock 'n' roll" axe. And yeah, Sonny's performances in the movie were filmed live...the wails and screams came from Ted Crocker's creations.

Since the movie's release Ted's gotten a couple minor interviews from feature writers, but he is still just getting by in his little woodshop in New Jersey. The producers of The Honeydripper have given him permission to build and sell "The Honeydripper Guitar" (as long as he gives a kickback to them). I just want everyone to check out his 'for sale' listing for the Honeydripper Guitar. Maybe a couple blues and early rock fans will snag up one of the most original creations
I've seen in a long time.

Here's the link: http://www. etsy. com/view_listing. php?listing_id=11353348
Marla Worley

Jun 4 2008 10:47 AM

Thank you! Keep the music flowing my new friend...
Always and Forever,
Marla Worley

JD Sipe

Jun 3 2008 10:23 PM

Nothing sounds sweeter than a cigar box guitar! I've been searching for that kind of tone my whole life. Many thanks for promoting the revolution, j.d.
The Guitar Wall

May 25 2008 9:42 AM

Great to be here among the Cigar Boxes... be well and be wall!


<br /
PoorBoy Slim and the Angel

May 27 2008 12:30 PM

Thanks for the ad! Praise Jesus for wooden cigar boxes!
Poorboy Slim

May 21 2008 5:30 AM

Thanks for adding me to CBG Headquarters and checkin out my pics. I have been on the CBG forum for about a week or so. It is a great group. I will be going to Huntsville. Hope to meet some of the group there.<br style="display: