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Theater Review | 'Some Americans Abroad'
This Blessed Plot, Those Incurable Anglophiles
This Blessed Plot, Those Incurable Anglophiles
Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
Academics can't get enough of England in Richard Nelson's play "Some Americans Abroad," at the Second Stage.

Only frantically Anglophile theatergoers are likely to derive much joy from this limp two hours of high-toned cultural tourism.

Auditioning Round the Campfire

For children who aspire to a career in the performing arts, attending summer theater camps can be a steppingstone to Broadway or even Hollywood.

Theater Review | 'Expatriate'
Ah Paris, Beacon of Freedom, City of Jazz

This production is a reminder how invigorating an Off Broadway play can be with just two appealing performers, compelling music and an intelligent script.

Theater Review | 'Dog Day Afternoon'
Vintage Brooklyn Mayhem, Live on Stage

The stage adaptation of “Dog Day Afternoon” is more a curiosity for fans of the movie than any elucidation on the Oscar-winning screenplay.

Applying More ‘Hairspray’

John Waters has begun writing a treatment for a sequel to the movie musical “Hairspray.”

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Selective listings from theater critics of The New York Times.

Theater Review | 'First Love'
The Sheer Inconvenience, Let Alone Intrusiveness, of Life and Love

The stage adaptation of this Beckett story is being captivatingly performed by Ralph Fiennes.

Multimedia Features
In Performance: ‘Eh Joe’

Penelope Wilton narrates over Liam Neeson’s silent performance in “Eh Joe” at the Lincoln Center Festival.

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London Theater Journal

Ben Brantley, chief theater critic for The Times, concludes his theatergoing marathon.

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After ‘Osage’ Accolades, Time to Make Doughnuts
After ‘Osage’ Accolades, Time to Make Doughnuts
‘I’ll Go On’
‘I’ll Go On’
Hirschfeld Archive
Hirschfeld Archive

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Top Grossing Broadway Shows

Week Ending July 20
  1. Wicked, $1,522,706
  2. The Lion King, $1,321,116
  3. Jersey Boys, $1,150,420
  4. The Little Mermaid, $1,142,422
  5. Mamma Mia!, $1,007,600
  6. In the Heights, $1,006,911
  7. Mary Poppins, $978,868
  8. South Pacific, $899,258
  9. The Phantom of the Opera, $863,776
  10. Legally Blonde, $855,990
  11. (Note: “Young Frankenstein” is not reporting its grosses.)
Source: League of American Theatres and Producers