"In ancient prophecy, this time-period would be marked with head-to-head conflict between religion(s) and the

political realm of peoples and/or nations... Prophetically, the world is now entering upon a very dangerous time-period that

will last  through the entire month of July 2001, and extend through (and beyond) August 2003."

June 10, 2001, The Lampholder Newsletter


The Lampholder Prophecy Articles

Regarding September 11 (9-11) and

The World Trade Center Terrorist Attack


How The WTC Prophecy Emerged


The Lampholder World Trade Center Prophecy

Tragically, it happened!   

The Story (in brief) and the Prophecy Article 

Posted in the Nov 1, 2000 and again repeated July 2001 in

The Lampholder On-line Newsletters





How The WTC Prophecy Emerged

Some people might label Lampholder prophecy pictures as a form of intuition, psychic ability,

or a more technical term called remote viewing, but actually the prophecy pictures written in The Lampholder

 come by way of the Spirit.  They are discerned deep within a renewed Spirit,

which can be attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit of GOD. 

Most people do not understand the process of prophetic imagery because

it isn't the mind that initially reveals the picture or vision. 

The mind only processes the image as it is reflected by way of the Spirit.

The most difficult aspect of prophetic imagery is attempting to describe the picture.

Another word to describe prophecy pictures is Spiritual discernment and an intuitive, prophetic gift. 

It is a gift neither sought after nor coveted--nor is it deserved.

The gift is simply given, and it is a gift that carries with it a great weight and responsibility.




"...It isn't the failure of prophecy, but the inability to comprehend it!"


     "...There was definitely something strange in the air during the Summer months leading up to September 11 (9-11).  The Lampholder Newsletter(s) reported a "disappearance of sorts" to occur around Rosh haShanah of 2001.  The disappearance had an aura of mystery surrounding it - similar to the unexplainable events involved in the Heaven's Gate puzzle...but on a much larger scale.  It was a prophetic picture of something from the sky swooping down and removing a large number of people - such as in a UFO disappearance.  This is the reason I connected the September 2001 time-period with the Heaven's Gate group"  -- The prophetic picture strangely emerged in a symbolic connection with Heaven's Gate as in "a murder-suicide" scenario.  It was a very puzzling picture, to say the least, and one that was disturbing because it wasn't easy to describe the pictures.

     If you have read The Lampholder Newsletters from August 2000, through July and August 2001, it would be very clear the sense of forewarning and impending danger expressed in the series -- as seen in one message referring to a "dangerous small group unleashing great danger in the U.S. against a major infrastructure, dam, or power system;" but the picture was not completely clear...even with prophecy pictures of Uosama bin Laden growing ever more present.   It wasn't until after-the-fact of 9-11 that made it possible to go back through the prophecies and piece them all together as a complete picture. 

     During this time, my research work [through Lampholder Publications] involved completing a seven-year project on an astronomically-based, ancient calendar system.  Part of the calendar research added a strange and interesting piece to the September 2001 time-frame.  I discovered certain aspects of this calendar system were encoded in stone within the Great Pyramid of Giza, which has accurately predicted significant historical events, including the birth of Jesus Christ, and specific global wars.  Interestingly, the calendar date began with B.C.E. 3999 and culminated with an end-date of September 17, 2001.  A most important discovery occurred when I found the Great Year of the Precession of the Equinox BEGAN its END-date on September 17-18, 2001; but this discovery only added to the mystery when over and over again the date of September 17-18, 2001, kept popping up in my research.  Interestingly, the calendar-system also revealed the official beginning of the New World Order, or as many would call it, The New Age, and it also occurred around this same time-period! 
    Again, September 17-18, 2001, appeared to be a "crucial time-period between an old age and the new;" and just as many prophecy followers react to the happenings in Israel, Israel and the coming great Middle East battle determined the timing of world-cataclysmic events of great magnitude which would usher in The New World Order.  According to the ancient time-line of Abraham, and the dates contained within the calendar system, this time-period was to begin September 17-18, 2001.   

      In the August 2001, Lampholder Newsletter (which was based upon these recent findings), it was reported that Rosh HaShanah of 2001 (5762) is "the real date of importance...!" The Lampholder sounded the alarm for WAR and prophetically foretold "...that September may bring the Middle East into conflict

     Excerpts from The Lampholder regarding September 2001 and the timing of prophetic events read,


"In ancient Hebrew cosmology this is not a specific date, but seen only in a specific time-period

or season...this Rosh HaShanah may be the beginning of some very strange happenings in this world. One

thing of interest will be in the New Age belief regarding the "enlightened ones" who expect a worldwide

disappearance of some type during this time-period!  More on this later, and it will be included in the

September 1, 2001, Lampholder Newsletter.  One of the most important issues we've ever put together." 

(from #2 Nimrod, Mars, and The Dragon, The Portal, Part II)




The Calendar Date Proved Correct!

   Tragically, the prophetic calendar events began to unfold.  The Lampholder Newsletter prophecy articles in 2000/2001

proved true.  Other tragic events surrounding the 2001 time-frame were thankfully hindered in their fulfillment. 


      An important note - A curious aspect of prophecy -

The existence of the prophecy proves true, but because of due diligence, some outcomes are prevented.


  Also, it is important to note, Lampholder Publications' is not attempting to assert blame on anyone in particular for the

WTC attack (except where it should be directed).  No one appeared to have the "complete picture," including

Lampholder Publications; and only those directly involved in this atrocious evil could have known the full extent of the

plan.  The Lampholder WTC prophecy revealed the overall prophetic picture, the time-frame, the discerned danger,

and the prophecy pictures that lead up to the events of September 11th; but The Lampholder WTC prophecy offered

only puzzle pieces that needed to be put together with other "known facts."  It was a partial picture, but not a

completed picture, including the discerned forewarnings. 


Probably, the most important aspect of The Lampholder articles was the accuracy of the prophetic time-frame and repeated forewarnings indicating and all pointing toward the significance of September 2001.


An Overview

"...It isn't the failure of prophecy, but the inability to comprehend it!"

     The prophecy pictures began in 2000, as revealed in The World Trade Center Prophecy  but grew stronger during the

months leading up to September 2001.  "In the 2000-2001 Lampholder Prophecy Reports, The Lampholder revealed

September 17-18, 2001 (near the time of the WTC terrorist attack) as being the beginning of the Age of Ephraim and the

Time of Jacob's Trouble.  The Lampholder September 1, 2001 newsletter also prophetically revealed a massive, sudden

(and, at the time of the writing - unexplained) disappearance....'

     Two different prophecy pictures were emerging at the same time, and explained in the October 31, 2001,

Lampholder Newsletter.  It is difficult to describe in simple words, but when GOD reveals this kind of prophecy, one cot help but listen.  Some prophetic pictures are very quiet, but this one was very loud, bold, and, even in its brevity, revealed a snapshot picture of the scene. 
     A similar prophetic picture was given prior to November of 2000.  I didn't understand the relationship between that prophecy and the WTC until after September 11th.  In fact, at first, I thought perhaps the "Texas 7" escaped convicts were
in the prophecy, but then a separate picture emerged regarding their capture.  This prophecy [regarding the Texas 7] was given by The Lampholder to the Texas Department of Justice in regard to finding them (not in New York as news' reports suggested), but in the West (more specifically Colorado).  Then another prophetic picture emerged and it was given to the Justice Dept. regarding their discerned whereabouts being within 50 to75 miles of where they were actually located in Colorado.  This included a prophetic picture, description of the van two of the escapees were driving, and their direction when they were captured -- and all of this was documented.  This is the reason I found it difficult to discern the entire scenario, because two prophecy pictures were emerging at the same time.

     In looking back at the events of 9-11, it is now clear The Lampholder WTC prophecy may have been a key part of the

puzzle piece; but not the entire picture.  GOD was warning the United States in prophetic pictures, but it was the fragility of

the human spirit to fully comprehend the meanings.  The World Trade Center Prophecy is (sadly and tragically) now only a

part of history.  Perhaps had The Lampholder WTC warning been seriously considered and, at the time, combined with other

threat assessments,  the outcome  "may" have been different.  Unfortunately, in regard to 9-11, since time cot move

backward, perhaps prophetic discernment is a valuable lesson learned and can be utilized as a tool in future prevention? 


Let the reader discern the truth from the prophecies as they were published.






The Lampholder Archives

      The Lampholder is currently researching and cataloging all of the Lampholder articles/newsletters relevant to

the WTC attacks and September 11th.  

      Articles #600 (through?) are related to the  prophecies contained in The Lampholder Newsletter regarding

terrorism - prior to and after - the September 11,  2001, World Trade Center terrorist attack.  In addition other

selected articles have been referenced, including a CNN article regarding aspects of the FBI’s interrogation of

Walker Lindh that pointed to September 11th as being only the “first attack” by Uosama bin Laden.  One of

Lindh’s former al Qaeda training-camp instructors "...speculated that the second attack would involve attacking

nuclear facilities, oil/gas pipe lines, or some kind of biological attack."

     The “waves”** of  attacks were the first of three prophesied in The September/October 2001, Lampholder Newsletters.  The attack waves were prophesied to be from smaller numbered groups already within the U.S., and the intended targets were, among other things, nuclear facilities, power plants, oil/gas pipe lines, and a form of biological/agricultural terrorism.   It was also prophesied that militant extremists may use Ramadan in mid-November of 2001 to further a wave of terrorism against the U.S./interest/allies.

     The CNN article link was found at

http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/10/03/walker.lindh.documents/index.html or click here.  


#601  A Bad Omen for The World, The Lampholder Newsletter, June 10, 2001

#602  Rosh HaShanah, UFO's and the Rapture!  August/September  2001 and July 2002   

#603  Rosh HaShanah, Rapture,  The New Age, and UFO’s, Sept 1, 2001, Edition, Part I

           The Disappearance

#604  How to Capture a Scorpion by Discerning a Snake, September 25, 200l,  Prophecy Report

#605  The Prophetic September 14, 2001, Lampholder Newsletter Edition,  “The Seven Days of Wrath”

#606  #2 Nimrod, Mars, and The Dragon, The Portal, Part II

#607  Terror’s Agenda, October 7, 200l, Lampholder Prophecy Newsletter 

#608  They Can Run, They Can Hide...but Not For Long!  Lampholder Newsletter, October 16, 2001

#609  Developing...Prophecy, October 29, 2001

#610  Another Uosama Tape and Where is UBL?  (Nov 14, 2001)

#611  Terror Manual Confirms...Dec 2001; Eiffel Tower/Big Ben Prophecy Alert

#612  Eiffel Tower/Big Ben Prophecy Pictures, The Lampholder Newsletter, December 1, 2001

#613  Prophecy Pictures Aligning with the Terror Days of Ramadan, Prophecy Report,  

           December 8, 2001, (including January 1, 2002, Prophecy Report Update)

#614 The 27th Day of Ramadan, The Night of Power, November 30, 2001 Lampholder Newsletter Terror Alert for

           Dec 1, Dec 12-13, and Dec 15

#615  Prophecy Alert, Toxicity,  Feb. 28, 2002

#616  God Knew About September 11th Well In Advance!  May 17, 2002

#617  Prophecy Prayer Alert, February 28, 2002 regarding "shipping and cargo containers"





Other selected WTC/September 11th related articles -

July 25, 2002, World Net Daily  Clinton Diverted Away From Arab Terror to Focus on Christians/Right Wing Groups

April 10, 2004 Text of President Bush August 6, 2001 Brief

April 12, 2004 Report Finds FBI Terror Flaws

                            9/ll Investigation, "Flawed internal communications, funding limits, legal restrictions and agency culture...."





**the term "waves" of attacks was first used in The Lampholder 2001 newsletter articles on terrorism and in regard to the WTC attack.









The Lampholder Research and Prophecy Reports Will Now Be Available

On-line Through The Library of Congress

Minerva Web Preservation Project

     "The United States Library of Congress preserves the Nation's cultural artifacts and provides enduring access to them. The Library's traditional functions, acquiring, cataloging, preserving and serving collection materials of historical importance to the Congress and to the American people to foster education and scholarship, extend to digital materials, including Web sites."  The Library has selected Lampholder Publications for inclusion in its historic collection of Internet materials. "The Library will make this collection available to researchers onsite at Library facilities. The Library also wishes to make the collection available to offsite researchers by hosting the collection on the Library's public access Web site."  Lampholder Publications' shares The Library of Congress' "vision of preserving Web materials and permitting researchers from across the world to access them."



     The Library of Congress’ mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.  An ever-increasing amount of the world’s cultural and intellectual output is presently created in digital formats and does not exist in any physical form. Such materials are colloquially described as "born digital." This born digital realm includes open access materials on the World Wide Web. 

     The MINERVA Web Preservation Project was established to initiate a broad program to collect and preserve these primary source materials. A multi disciplinary team of Library staff representing cataloging, legal, public services, and technology services is studying methods to evaluate, select, collect, catalog, provide access to, and preserve these materials for future generations of researchers.




Yes, GOD does speak to humans, but who is listening?


Those who do all of the talking cannot listen...

Listening for deeper prophetic insight is not

hearing with the ears or

through the thought processes of the mind,

but with the quietness of The Holy Spirit

and "a still, small voice" within the heart...




(The Lampholder has supported a number of other investigations,

including the Washington  D.C. Sniper(s).)  







May GOD bless them all!









"Acknowledge GOD's Hand moving through the gift of prophecy as it is fulfilled....”


**the term “waves” of attacks was first used in connection with 9/11 by Lampholder Publications in the 2001 Lampholder prophecy alerts






All pictures included for educational, instructional, and discussion purposes only







The Lampholder World Trade Center Prophecy


November 2000

Prophecy Report



An International Prophecy Journal

     The following is an unedited or altered reprint of the original Prophecy Alert article contained in the November 1, 2000, Lampholder Newsletter.  In addition, the June and July 2001 newsletters warned of “impending” terrorist activities within the borders of the United States of America.   The Second Prophecy was published in the September 14, 2001, Lampholder Newsletter with further prophetic warnings and updated information.  For a copy of any of these Lampholder Newsletters, write to  lampholder@hotmail.com  

     Approximately, four to six  months  prior to 9/ll, I received a reoccurring vision, which may have been another forewarning for the United States.  The vision was (and if you can imagine) a picture of the face of Uosama bin Laden.  This prophetic vision/picture was very clearly defined, and yet, it was only near the end of August and beginning of September 2001 when the prophetic implications grew stronger.   I discerned from the L-rd, a rapture of sorts.  It is difficult to explain, but it was a false rapture along the lines of Heaven’s Gate (suicide and/or murder exodus)  and unexplained disappearances, but on a massive scale.  These were written about in the first of a Lampholder Newsletter series beginning September 2001 (before the WTC attacks).  Because of these prophecies and the vision/picture seen during this time, I could not finish the September 2001 article series and other prophetic visions on Rosh Ha Shanah, the false rapture, and UFO’s.  Today, it remains unfinished.... 


In Remembrance  for the heroes bless them all...







November 1, 2000



     We ask all believers in Yeshua, Jesus Christ, our prayer warriors, readers, subscribers, and others interested in prophecy to an URGENT CALL TO PRAYER. This prayer is a specific prayer of "protection" for the United States, its citizens, friends, officials, armed services, government agencies/leaders/employees, and U.S. friends/countries/interests around the world.

     We do not normally declare such urgency in our protective prayers for the U.S. as a whole, but believe through

our calling in the area of prophecy that the U.S. borders are in imminent danger. This is an emergency call to prayer! We believe and have discerned through the L-rd that an evil, dangerous entity/small group is already operating within the U.S. and plan to unleash great danger and destruction here within our borders in the near future. We have discerned that it will be directed toward a major infrastructure, dam, or power system.

     Our call to prayer is not only for protection but that those who indeed plan harm will be found out and their plans interrupted in short before they cause any person or property harm. Please pray, in your own words, for protection, disclosure, and capture of those who intend evil upon this great nation and its citizens. --And remember, with all of the sin, evil, corruption, dishonesty, etc., within the United States, we remain a mighty, great nation of people "under G-d" who have always and will continue to reach out with a helping hand to many other countries/peoples in distress in every corner of the Earth.


May God Bless America!




     In the L-rd, discernment and knowledge of the future is acquired only by the prophetical call of the Holy Spirit. All other knowledge is based upon the physical senses...And so, not in fleshly understanding or knowledge, we inform you through the power of the Holy Spirit of this urgent call to prayer.




Please stand with us and other believers in prayer!

Lampholder Publications

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Pray for the people of Yaoshorúl (Israel)...

and the peace of Yaohúshua-oléym (Jerusalem) --------

Abundant blessings to you...

'beh hol Shúam' (in the Name of)

YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHAY, (The Messiah, Jesus Christ)


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keep your lamps burning."


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