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  Austria to not be in Moscow 2009?

The possibility of Austria taking part in Eurovision 2009 still seems uncertain after Edgar Böhm, head of entertainment at ORF, mentioned that proposed changes had still not been made by the EBU.

In 2008 Austria refused to take part in Eurovision due to what they felt was an unfair process that would automatically guarantee them low voting in the contest. ORF, the national television station who organises the Austrian selection process had stated that there was a strong possibility of participating in 2009 if the semifinal setup was defined more clearly. As this has, according to ORF, still not been dealt with, the chances of Austria taking part in Moscow appear minimal. the argument stems from the fact that although the EBU created a second semifinal, implemented in 2008, Austria are unhappy that this still incorporates a mix of countries who will be politically favoured in the voting process. According to ORF, Eurovision has become a big political showcase rather than an International entertainment event. Austria did show the final of the 2008 contest on television even though they failed to take part so on their part there is an interest in the Eurovision event itself.

The division of members for the semifinals was decided by ballot but it is still considered unfair, as block voting is still a major issue when the actual final takes place and therefore according to some, the semifinals have become a way of paving the way for  a political showpiece. ORF have commented that unless a clear guideline as to how the semifinals are organised is made by the EBU then Austria will not be taking part in Moscow 2009.

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Date: 26/7/2008 10:46 AM

fighter@ I didn't comment the Swedish songs - mainly they have the same style and sound - but they have no success. In 2007 they tryed something different (Greece didn't do it) but the success is ZERO again


Date: 24/7/2008 02:28 PM

lol i knew he meant Greece. Every1 is so furious with their success but they never commented about the Swedish entries which have the same sound. Austria is nothing in ESC, pls Austria don't come back.


Date: 24/7/2008 12:33 PM

guys, please do not beg them to participate. ESC can do perfectly without any austrian entry. their whole argumantation sounds to me like "we will take part in the contest, only if you promise us, that we will qualify". I do not like their attitude at all, let them drop all together..I will certainly not miss them from the contest


Date: 24/7/2008 02:51 AM

xris@ Greece, for example, presents always the same style. With success, I must recognise, but with no originality


Date: 24/7/2008 02:43 AM

@Juan a different style shouldn't be taken as something positive though. Especially when it comes to y asi, du bist, get a life


Date: 24/7/2008 01:16 AM

lukaff@ I agree with you! Divide Europe into East and West is really stupid!!

xristoskst@ Austria is so important in ESC, as another country! They presented always different songs, really different styles and tunes specially if we compare them with some other countries. But I agree with ORF and with their reasons to not come back to the contest


Date: 24/7/2008 01:13 AM

It's very stupid to divide Europe in East and West.... it was a long time ago... now we are all Europe!


Date: 24/7/2008 01:09 AM

in austria only immigrants vote just like in france but france sends decent entries unlike austrian craps


Date: 24/7/2008 12:59 AM

Austria has a different taste of Eurovision. Some of their songs are legends


Date: 24/7/2008 12:12 AM

Cuz it's western country which can fair play! Doesn't give political points... More western countries with good music (like France or Norway every year)


Date: 23/7/2008 11:19 PM

important? Why? Because you want to have the last word.... name 1 single reason Austria is important.


Date: 23/7/2008 08:15 PM

Austria is important to the contest. They must return,


Date: 23/7/2008 07:14 PM

That was 1990. There was a lot of good songs that year. Israel, Spain, France. Italy shouldnt won.


Date: 23/7/2008 07:09 PM

Austria had really great entry in Eurovision 1991 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Keine mauern mehr by Simone. After that they had bad results. I recomend you to listen it on youtube.


Date: 23/7/2008 07:02 PM

I never missed them. they should stay out and leave the place open for Slovakia or Monaco to return!


Date: 23/7/2008 05:45 PM

Good for them! Whilst I am a little disappointed at Austria's absence, at least they have principles which they stand by. On the plus side, their absence means Serbia won't get another guaranteeed and fully undeserved 12 points for some ghastly dull ballad.


Date: 23/7/2008 05:14 PM

it's a shame they are not in eurovision, but i have to agree with what they are saying. they could qualify, but they still won't win. how i wish other countries made a stand like austria


Date: 23/7/2008 04:59 PM

Lets be honest, are they saying this because they really care about the contest . . . . . no. They're saying this because they can't get a good result and are thus stroppy, their only decent song I can remember has been 2007


Date: 23/7/2008 04:36 PM

Hooray Austria don't return please. You suck in Eurovision! Austria is inly useful to give points to Balkan countries only.


Date: 23/7/2008 04:20 PM

ja, where can we find another alf poier or tie break again?


Date: 23/7/2008 03:54 PM

Austria, good decision! EBU's sleeping....


Date: 23/7/2008 02:55 PM

To be honest I don't miss them.


Date: 23/7/2008 01:59 PM

This is not good. Austria should be in as they are in Europe. all this Eastern vote is bad, why don't they have their own contest? semi finals should be split in 2, East & West


Date: 23/7/2008 01:53 PM

i can hardly remember something good Austria offered to the contest lately so i am more than ok with their absence.

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