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The Secret Seven

The watchdog and leak sites corporate America doesn’t want you to see.

Here's our list of the blogs and insider sites that are the most irksome to Corporate America (for more on these sites, see our story, Dotcom Confidential). If you have suggestions for other pesky sites that are a reliable source for inside information about a company or industry, please let us know. We'll write about the best ones in a follow-up article.
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1. Wikileaks
Wikileaks, which lets whistle-blowers stealthily publish government and corporate leaks without fear of being traced (the site uses encryption technologies and “cover” domains to hide the tracks of people who post to it), was publicly launched in early 2007 but remained under the radar until this year, when it drew the wrath of Swiss bank Julius Baer. After documents were posted that purport to show how the bank’s Cayman Islands branch helps wealthy customers hide assets and launder money, Baer cried foul with a cease-and-desist letter demanding the documents be removed. When that failed, the bank took the site’s U.S.-based domain name registrar to court and briefly got the site knocked offline (mirror sites hosted in other countries remained online, however). But public furor caused the judge to reverse his order.

Wikileaks was launched by dissidents, journalists, and technologists from several continents. More than a million documents have been posted so far—most related to the military (such as operation manuals for the Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons)—but corporations also have much to fear as the site’s popularity grows.


2. Mini-Microsoft
What's worse than an outsider who knows your secrets? A Deep Throat insider with a URL giving voice to hundreds of disgruntled workers, that's what.


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