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Post Bop

Inarguably, the two artists who most influenced jazz in the 1960s were trumpeter Miles Davis and saxophonist John Coltrane. Working together in the late 1950s, the two ultimately took different paths. Both were, however, strong exponents of Modal music which, as opposed to Bebop's complex chord changes, revolved around diverse scale choices with relatively simple changes; Modal music broke free of chordal constraints while maintaining a harmonic sensibility not found in Free Jazz. But whereas Miles, even with the more rhythmically-open approach of his mid-1960s quintet, eschewed the liberating innovations of Free Jazz, Coltrane managed to combine his lengthy Modal explorations with a Free Jazz sensibility that created a brand new sound.

Post Bop manages to combine the best of Modal music with the change-oriented concept of Bebop, amongst other things by re-harmonizing standards from the Great American Songbook and allowing for shifts in feel, such as from Latin to quasi-free. It acts, to some extent, as a bridge between Bebop and Free Jazz. Post Bop can also include elements such as funk and groove, maintaining modernity through incorporation of certain pop sensibilities of the time.

Post Bop also incorporates some of the impressionism of European Jazz; pianist Marc Copland straddles the line between harmonic abstraction and gentle lyricism while mining the depths of more traditional material; similarly, pianist Don Preston finds the middle-ground between European art music and 1960s avant-garde, all the while maintaining a rhythmic pulse and sense of harmonic movement.

Post bop is often considered a catch-all for the confluence of historic styles into a more contemporary sound; but the Modal-meets-Bebop influences are clearly the strongest.

Post Bop titles

Quake - click for details

Erik Friedlander

Transformation - click for details

Don Preston Trio

Easy Does It - click for details

Javon Jackson
"Easy Does It"

Thread - click for details

James Carney

Cosmosamatics - click for details


Like A Dream - click for details

Darek Oles
"Like A Dream"

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