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Steelers' Sepulveda likely lost for the season

By The Tribune-Review
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Daniel Sepulveda, the Steelers' second-year punter, likely will be lost for the season with an injured right knee.

Coach Mike Tomlin said today that Sepulveda was injured Monday, the first day of training camp, and underwent an MRI later in the day, which revealed a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

"My knee has been shaky for a while," Sepulveda said, adding that it didn't feel right while warming up Monday.

Results of the MRI today confirmed the prognosis. It is the second time Sepulveda has torn the ACL in his right knee.

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Today, the Steelers claimed punter Paul Ernster off waivers from the Detroit Lions. He is expected to arrive in training camp tonight.

"It's unfortunate for Daniel on a personal level, but it's part of football," Tomlin said. "That's what this game is about. We have to prepare to move forward, and we'll do that."

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