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A Retro Salad

I love this 50s style salad: A wedge of iceberg lettuce drizzled with Blue Cheese dressing. And I enjoyed this one from The George on the Cape Fear Riverwalk. I’m not sure what the mushrooms brought to the equation and the dressing could have handled some actual blue cheese. I also try to avoid bacon—especially [...]

Salad Becomes Obsession

My family has started to dread inviting me into the “Where do you want to eat?” discussion. I always want this salad from the Main Street Brewery across from Fresh Market at MayFaire. It’s the Walnut Gorgonzola salad (~$9.95). Candied walnuts, crumbled Gorgonzola, bits of green apple, tomatoes, and a delicious raspberry dressing make for [...]

Two Thai Salads and Cooking Thai at Home

Pictured here is the Papaya Salad (~$8) at Big Thai (101 North 4th Street). I love Thai cuisine and have eaten a lot of it in lots of cities. I’ll admit that I’m a bit spoiled for Pacific Rim foods because I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years. This salad, in [...]

Another Salad Catch

This salad may be my favorite so far. It is the ho chi min salad (6.95) from Catch and it’s delicious, with a Thai Kaffir Lime dressing, fresh Holy Basil, grape tomatoes, won ton crisps (on top), and mandarin oranges. I added grilled scallops (extra) but you can add whatever fresh seafood they are offering [...]

In the Spirit of Salad Quest

I think it’s obvious that this is not—by any definition—a salad. It’s in the spirit of the Salad Quest, though, because this taco platter makes it possible to eat at Flaming Amy’s without leaving so stuffed that a nap immediately becomes priority one.
This is two grilled chicken tacos ($5.50) with side orders of chipotle chilies [...]

The Best Lebanese Salad Ever…

This Lebanese salad ($9.95) from Nagila: The Kosher Moroccan Café on Wrightsville Ave is not a salad I found during my Salad Quest ‘08. It is the salad by which I measure all other salads in the Quest. It doesn’t look as pretty in this photo as I wish it did but that’s mostly because [...]

What Happened to Phoenix?

Last summer—and every summer for the past 8 years—my go-to salad spot was Caffe Phoenix. So when I started on my Salad Quest 08, I immediately began angling for a lunch here. I finally managed to drag my husband there a day before we set out on our infamous road trip to Maryland last week.
It’s [...]

Squid Makes it to Salad Quest ‘08

Elizabeth nominated this one and I could not wait to get there to try it. My kids are the WAC day camp today so I took my husband to lunch at Catch. This Crispy Calamari + Florida Pink Grapefruit salad ($8.50) was yummy. The dressing is a little spicy with a hint of red Thai [...]