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Hello friends and friends of friends,

So you've probably noticed that recent TMOPMOs have been few and far between. Both Lisa and I have been swamped with various other (better-paying) projects, but we're both committed to this comic, so rest assured it's not going anywhere, although updates may continue to trickle in slowly.

If you have a livejournal and you want to keep track of TMOPMO updates, you can friend this nifty little robot that somebody set up. Thanks, somebody!

Also, if you're going to the San Diego Comic-Con next week, be sure to visit Lisa's booth (1630/1632/1634, with Buenaventura Press, right next to the Small Press Pavilion). She'll be selling original artwork and TMOPMO books (which if you haven't purchased yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?), as well as her own books It's Sexy When People Know Your Name and the ALL-NEW Stay Away From Other People. So, go say hello to her, and she will love you forever!

For those of you not in beautiful, beautiful Southern California, you can still order TMOPMO: the book and It's Sexy When... at our on-line merch table, and we'll ship it directly to whatever dreary, boring sad-factory you live in. We'll also be selling Lisa's new book there soon, so watch this space for more information!

And remember: the more money you give us, the easier it'll be for us to quit our day jobs and make comics for you full-time.


I went to the booth and met Lisa. It was quite an experience, let me tell you. I met a famous person! ~Matt

ha! I missed this. it's grand. ~sarah hayley

I love the color scheme and the line quality. Keep up the good work! ~Jamie

Haha, your cheese displays are always immaculate! I'll give you a ring if I get tired of hanging out with, like, Kevin Smith (that's what people do at Comic-Con, right?)? ~Lisa

That last panel is scarily accurate... :) I'd totally come visit you at Comic-Con but I'll be wearing one of those aprons all weekend. Let me know if you want to hit up some awesome dive bars between pimpin' your kickass comics! ~Elena

I especially like SchoolHouseRockified!Raphael. Complete with rosey cheeks! ~Kira

Panel 5 made my day! ~Melissa

"True, comics are a popular art, and yes, I believe their primary obligation is to entertain, but comics can go beyond that, and when they do, they move from silliness to significance."
(Bill Watterson)

So glad to see new TMOPMO,
the wait is always worth it. ~p.a.

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