What would your mother do?

What would your mother have done is she needed some peace and quiet to finish a project?

I’m still not sure how my mom handled getting her master’s with four kids, but I remember us as being older and more self-sufficient than mine who are all under 8. But I’m sure she found some escape in a library (and now she is a docent in the Denver Public Library, which is a beautiful building, if you should ever visit…she’ll even give you a tour!)

I spent the morning at UNC Wilmington’s Randall Library. When I was a graduate student, it could be a haven. But it often seemed drearily geared towards undergraduates. (Perhaps because they outnumber the graduate students tenfold?)

Today, this mother of three needed a place to find some tranquility—undergraduates or not. While I appreciate the lounge at the Wilmington Athletic Club, I needed something even more isolated. Randall Library gave me an office away from home. I needed a place to call and wait and wait…and then wait and call more developers about a story I’m writing for Greater Wilmington Business Journal. Randall was just the ticket. I hired a babysitter and shot out the door….

I’ve found as the summer winds on and the heat clicks up a few points, that I’ve needed more times like these. The kids are wound up and, unfortunately, it’s winding me up. The peaceful, solitary scenes from a freelance writing life it has not been.

At Randall, there are group rooms—with doors—that were empty and unreserved. I could set up my laptop (pulling it out of my boring old laptop case that is less flash than Christina’s latest find at World Market). I could hook up my phone and earpiece and talk and listen and wait all I wanted. No worries that the kids, sensing I was on a phone, would come running into the room and start interrupting me. It was a treat.

I would have taken a picture, but this week I’ve been really discombobulated and walked out of the house without my purse and camera. But, there is always tomorrow! (Today, I’ll share a photo of Petra and Mac, posing as caterpillars in our hallway.)

Mac and Petra as caterpillars

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  1. on 24 Jul 2008 at 2:52 am Marion

    My sister, closest to me in age so I am thinking her memory is pretty legit, responds immediately to your question, “She locks you out of the house.” So there is the ticket and to think I am a social worker. Okay so I don’t advocate locking them out for extended periods of time in extreme weather which wouldn’t have been your answer earlier this week. I like the library idea and when that is not available let me know and you are welcome to my office which has internet and phone, all you gotta do is call. Now my sister is trying make up a song about calling on a brother or something really super cool like that……I am seriously having King-Humphrey children withdraw so when I get back from VT really call.

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