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Up Next (August 2008)  –  Navigating the Northwest Passage: Physical, Political, & Legal Hazards

Past Page  (January 2008) –  Mackenzie Valley Pipeline:  the Wealth of  Nations and Arctic Futures
Past Page  (December 2007) – Russia and the Arctic:  Strategic Resources and Northern Sea Route

Past Page  (November 2007) – Alberta's  New Economic Plan:  Can we Adapt it for Canada's North?



New Page (July 2008) Fastfin and strakes for Griffon helicopters?, INGRESS, (June) Canada First Defence Strategy (html),  M777 HowitzerShield naval decoysTCRAOPS  (capabilities/TSOR ).

Past Pages (May 2008) Artillery Trainer, (April) CH-47D FMS Notice,  (March) Leopard C2 parts, INGRESS Griffon recce suiteTank upgrade/conversion) , Medium Range Radar, mini-helicopter, MSVS APS/ LOI, Bison ballistic curtain, (Feb) Challenger R&O;, Noctua UAV, M134D MiniGun.


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Update (July 2008) JSS Project, (June 2008) A400M airlift, New Pages (June 2008) TF ODIN, AOPS.

Recent Pages (May 2008)  Sea King upgrade?, LAV-H, (Feb 2008) Polish helicopters, short/stretch C-130J and C-130J/-30 Lease Offers, (Dec 2007) Global Express Aurora replacement candidate & R1 Sentinel (Nov) Dash 7 (Oct) CL-604 MMA (Sept) P-3C rebuilds, MRA4 Nimrod, Kawasaki P-X, P-8A Poseidon, EADS MPA, FWSAR, Leopard 2A6M (June) Orca origins, (May) A/OPS, AHSVS.

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New Pages (May/July 2008) – Comparison: Danish Naval projects 2005-2009, overview of  current Danish shipbuilding plans. Patrol Frigate Absalon class, Knud Rasmussen class, Holm and Diana.

Recent Pages (March 2008)  Immediately-Available Medium-Lift Helicopters for Use in Afghanistan
NATO Mils: Poland and the Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria and the Turkish Gendarme, Hungary, Slovak Republic, and the Czech Republic, & the Mi-171Š, the very latest model in Czech AF service.



New Pages (July 2008) AT-6B for CF counter-IED COIN role & helicopter escort duties (plus Steve Daly’s rationale), and TF ODIN a model for Battlefield ISR? manned sensor carriers in lieu of UAVs.

Recent pages  (April 2008)  Assured Access to Czech Helicopters?,  (Nov 2007) NASP Challenger , (Sept 2007) Arctic Utility, Rethinking SAR , (July) Ranger Rifles , (May) LAV-Surv , (March) TUA.

Updated page  (Dec)  Armed CH-146s for Kandahar?  USMC Hueys flew escort, why not Griffons?.

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Updated (19 June 2008)  –  Time to calve off  SAR  –  Civilian Contractors  are  more Cost - Effective

Past Page  (April  2008)  –    Bucharest  Summit   Begets  Gordon  Brown's  Helicopter  Trust  Fund

Past Page  (March  2008)  –  Buying Used Chinooks,  our  Clever  MND  is  Hook'd  &  Hoodwinked
Past Page  (March  2008)  –  Urgent Need for Transport Helicopters – Chat with Our Czech Mates?

Afghanistan NATO ~ ISAF

Archived Articles

New Page (04 July 2008)  –  Mi-171Š – Czech Helicopters Need to be Upgraded to NATO Standards

New Page (22 June 2008)  –  Counterinsurgency  Legacy  –  US  Army  Aviation  Supports  its  Own
Updated (16 June 2008)  –  Hot  Pursuit:  US  Forces Strike inside Pakistan's Tribal Areas  [FATA]

Past Page (May 2008)  –  Afghan  Commandos:  trained  by  US  Military  in   Eastern  Afghanistan

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