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Chris Wright

CommanderBond.net takes a look at some of the birthdays and past events of the James Bond series that have taken place during the month of August…

This article was originally posted on 1 August 2005.
Last updated: 1 August 2008


1 August

  • 1979: In the Soviet newspaper Literaturnaya Gazeta Anna Martynova criticized Moonraker, the eleventh “official” James Bond film, for glorifying the values of “sex, violence and super individualism, barely concealed with the veneer of bourgeois morals.” The article was an attempt to explain the enduring popularity of the Bond films in the West, none of which had ever been screened publicly inside the Soviet Union. GoldenEye (1995), the seventeenth “official” James Bond film, was the first Bond film to be released in Russia (Soviet Union).

  • 1988: The cast and crew members of Licence to Kill, the sixteenth “official” James Bond film, arrived in Key West to begin filming.

3 August

  • 1972: The New York Times announced that Roger Moore would assume the role of the screen’s most famous secret agent.

  • 1977: The Spy Who Loved Me, the tenth “official” James Bond film, was released in the United States of America.

6 August

  • 1986: Timothy Dalton was named to replace Roger Moore as the screen’s most famous secret agent.

8 August

  • 1990: Cubby Broccoli announced that Danjaq was for sale and that all reasonable offers would be considered.

10 August

  • 1982: Filming of Octopussy, the thirteenth “official” James Bond film, began with the scene in which James Bond arrives at Checkpoint Charlie in West Berlin.

11 August

  • 1978: Filming of Moonraker began on Ken Adam’s “Great Chamber” set at Paris’ Epinay Studios.

12 August

  • 1952: Ian Fleming’s wife, Anne Fleming, gave birth to their son Casper in London, England.

  • 1965: The Soviet newspaper Sovetskaya Kultura derided James Bond as a symbol of Western anti-Communist propagandists. They said, “He is as cruel as an animal, and is spiritually poor.

  • 1984: Filming of A View to a Kill, the fourteenth “official” James Bond film, continued at the Eiffel Tower in Paris with Grace Jones doing insert shots of May Day jumping from the Tower.

13 August

  • 1971: Sean Connery filmed his last scenes for Diamonds Are Forever, the seventh “official” James Bond film. Ironically, the last shots were of Connery being placed in a coffin. However, this was not the last time he would play the role that made him famous. He returned as 007 in the “unofficial” film Never Say Never Again (1983) and in 2005’s James Bond 007: From Russia with Love, a video game by Electronic Arts (EA) which features his voice and likeness.

15 August

  • 1966: The Reverend Edward Rogers, speaking at the World Methodist Conference in Bath, England, praised Bulldog Drummond as a far better role-model than James Bond. He said, “James Bond takes his women where he finds them, and he finds them pretty well anywhere. The woman isn’t really a woman at all. She is just a rather pleasantly scented plaything to be used for an hour or two in a contest of violence that borders on sadism. And that is accepted. There, in my judgment, is the measure of our contemporary standard of morality.

18 August

  • 1961: Richard Maibaum’s first version of the Thunderball, the fourth “official” James Bond film, script is withdrawn when it is realized that Kevin McClory would not quickly settle the matter as Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and Ian Fleming originally thought he would.

20 August

  • 1982: In an attempt to get greater political autonomy, Museehad Singh, hijacked an Indian Airlines jet. Peter Lamont who was on the plane was in India doing research for Octopussy. Eventually, Singh was shot to death and no one else was injured.

22 August

  • 1966: The Japanese Cultural Assets Protection Committee lifted their ban on the filming of You Only Live Twice, the fifth “official” James Bond film. Production was halted when extras, filming at a 14th Century Japanese castle, missed the life-sized dummies they were aiming at and nicked one of the castle walls with darts.

23 August

  • 1963: Principal photography on From Russia with Love, the second “official” James Bond film, was completed.

25 August

  • 1987: The Red Cross societies of the United States, Britain, and Canada protested the use of their emblem in the film The Living Daylights, the fifteenth “official” James Bond film. Objections were voiced to director John Glen over scenes showing the emblem on a helicopter used as part of a kidnapping plot and on bags being used to smuggle opium.


  • 1st - 1942, Giancarlo Giannini (Rene Mathis, 2006’s Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace)
  • 5th - 1906, John Huston (Co-director, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 7th - 1914, Ted Moore (Cinematographer, Various)
  • 9th - 1927, Robert Shaw (Red Grant, From Russia with Love)
  • 13th - 1913, Kurt Kasznar (Smernov, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 15th - 1945, Barbara Bouchet (Daughter of Miss Moneypenny, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 19th - 1921, David Lodge (Bit Role, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 19th - 1940, Jill St. John (Tiffany Case, Diamonds Are Forever)
  • 20th - 1905, Duncan Macrae (Inspector Mathis, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 22nd - 1927, Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore,Goldfinger)
  • 25th - 1930, Sean Connery (James Bond)
  • 25th - 1934, John Stears (Special Effects, Various)
  • 26th - 1966, Shirley Manson (Title Song Performer, The World is not Enough)
  • 27th - 1947, Barbara Bach (Major Anya Amasova, The Spy Who Loved Me)
  • 28th - 1899, Charles Boyer (Le Grand, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 28th - 1923, Alexander Doré (Extra, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 29th - 1917, Milton Reid (Dr. No’s Guard, Temple Guard & Sandor, Dr. No, 1967’s Casino Royale & The Spy Who Loved Me)


  • 6th - 1979, Kurt Kasznar (Smernov, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 12th - 1964, Ian Fleming (Creator of James Bond)
  • 26th - 1978, Charles Boyer (Le Grand, 1967’s Casino Royale)
  • 28th - 1978, Robert Shaw (Red Grant, From Russia with Love)
  • 28th - 1987, John Huston (Co-director, 1967’s Casino Royale)

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