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NOC entry forms received

Updated: 2008-08-01
NOC entry forms received
Scene of the press conference (Photo credit: Lufengquan)

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(BEIJING, August 1) -- The procedure of entry and qualification verification for the Beijing Olympic Games has progressed smoothly as 9,489 entry forms from 204 national and regional Olympic committees have been received, said a Beijing Organizing Committee (BOCOG) official on Friday, August 1.

Zhang Jilong, director of BOCOG's Sport Department, told the media at a press conference at the Main Press Center (MPC) that information for 11,526 athletes had been recorded as of July 31, 2008.

He said BOCOG has held accreditation seminars with 151 NOC delegations and confirmed the qualification of 11,028 athletes, including 363 supplement athletes holding a P card.

He said there maybe a slight difference between the number of athletes that BOCOG got from the entry forms and the final number at the Olympic Village as the NOCs need to go through two steps of accreditation.

First, they submit a list to BOCOG including all the athletes to be qualified for the Games. During the second stage, the BOCOG Accreditation Center will hold seminars with the delegations from NOCs to decide the final number of athletes to compete in the Beijing Olympics. Because the seminars are not over, the final number of qualified athletes at the Olympic Village is still pending.

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