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Beijing Olympics Sports News
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Olympic Games Home
Fireworks light up the sky at the brand-new Bird's Nest.
Medal Tracker - Athens 2004
1United States (USA)363927102
2China (CHN)32171463
3Russia (RUS)27273892
4Australia (AUS)17161649
5Japan (JPN)1691237
Complete Final Medal Count
What's Hot in Beijing Olympics
Michael Phelps won 8 medals in Athens, he is aiming at 8 more in Beijing.
Beijing is the third Asian city to host the Summer Games after Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea.
Producer's Blog: Media Black-Out in the U.S. not in China
U.S. Olympic Team: Foreign-born athletes in Beijing
Animations: The Olympic venues in Beijing
Seven things to watch in Beijing: Michael, Shawn and more
Olympics Q and A: Gymnast Chellsie Memmel
Hottest American Olympian: Vote for your Favorite American Athlete
Olympic Games History: From Athens 1896 to Athens 2004
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8/8-24 2008:
Beijing Summer Games
2/12-28 2010:
Vancouver Winter Games
7/27-8/12 2012:
London Summer Games
2/7-23 2014:
Sochi Winter Games
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