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Monday, August 11, 2008                  
A Gazette Minute Interview
A Gazette Minute Interview
Vera Lewis-Jasper, Vice President, Academic Markets, The Quality GroupVera Lewis-Jasper
Vice President,
Academic Markets
The Quality Group
Could a community college better serve business needs by briefly re-examining timing and money among the stakeholders?
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Pat PartridgePat Partridge
Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment
Western Governors University
Pat Partridge continues a discussion about a truly unique online learning institution.
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Frito Bandito
A.G. Gancarski
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Customer service begins at orientation
Jonathan Liebman
How well do we lay the groundwork for a successful and enjoyable college experience?
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Marc Stein, College Loan marketMarc Stein
College Loan Market

How might reverse auctions affect the student loan business?  Marc Stein is a knowledgeable new entrant on the student loan scene.
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Cloud computing settles on campus
Chad Kainz
Your desktop computer, your PDA and even your cell phone spend much of their time in the clouds, literally.
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Paul Combe, American Student AssistancePaul Combe
President and CEO
American Student Assistance

Paul Combe discusses the realities of being a Stafford and PLUS loan guarantor this fall.
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"Degree-completion rates are roughly 65 percent at 4-year colleges and 38 percent at 2-year institutions.  More than a quarter of first-year students need remedial work.  It's obvious that far more students go to college than can handle it."
Neal McCluskey
Associate Director, Center for Educational Freedom
Cato Institute
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How much is an honorary degree worth?
Jim Castagnera
On this matter a brief perusal of rules and rulings can be interesting. 
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Windows XP: The stand-off intensifies
Joe Dysart
By pulling the plug on Windows XP, Microsoft is hoping its old pals will finally blink, cry uncle, and take their medicine. 
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Green-to-gold works for Admissions, too.
Tom Robinson
How much money, paper and staff energy can be conserved within the college admission process?  
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Saudi Arabia’s generosity: a penance or a purchase?
Saudi Arabia's generosity: a penance or a purchase?
Jim Castagnera
Mega-gifts from Saudi Arabia purchase goodwill and positive press.
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Shakers & Movers
George Kidd, Jr. will be president of Myers University. Kidd is president emeritus of Tiffin University and was interim president of Myers University from August 2005 through June 2006.

North Carolina School of the Arts is now The University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Click here to read a Greentree Gazette Solutions at Work article about three schools that recently changed names.

Shakers & Movers
J. Terry Strange has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Sallie Mae. Strange is retired from KPMG LLP, where he served as vice chair and managing partner of the U.S. audit practice.

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