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    Val Venis

    Las Vegas, Nevada
    About Me: Fresh off an adult film career, Val entered WWE in 1998. With his unmistakable call of "Hellllloooo, ladies," Venis excites the female population everywhere he goes. Sporting a towel around his waist and gyrating as part of his pre-match in-ring festivities, WWE’s very own ex-porn star will often flirt with female fans before locking up in the ring. He immediately made an impact with the revelation that Taka Michinoku’s sister was one of his former co-stars. The news led to a rivalry with Taka and Kaientai. Since the two seemed to have so much in common, Val formed an alliance with the Godfather, and the pair wreaked havoc in WWE later that year. In 1999, Val volunteered that he starred in a film with then-Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock’s sister Ryan entitled “Shaving Ryan’s Privates.” This time, Val ended up with both the girl and the gold, defeating Shamrock at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to become Intercontinental Champion. However, he dumped Ryan just days later, and Val soon lost the gold as well. Throughout the year, he found himself embroiled with other ladies such as Debra and Nicole Bass, but rebounded to win the European Championship in December. In 2000, Val hooked up with Trish Stratus, and under the guidance of the future Women’s Champion, he once again became Intercontinental Champion. However, at SummerSlam that year, Val lost the gold when Trish was pinned in an inter-gender Tag Team Match. Soon after the loss, Val fired Trish, and a new Venis emerged. Soon after Val joined Steven Richards’ Right to Censor. In a complete turn from his former good-natured, sexual self, Val joined former buddy Godfather and became a moral crusader. However, that didn’t last long, as Val quickly left the RTC and WWE altogether. After an appearance in the 2002 Royal Rumble and a short stint on SmackDown, Val re-emerged on RAW in late 2002, joining RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff as his Chief of Staff. As Chief Morley, Val became half of the World Tag Team Champions, replacing an injured William Regal as Lance Storm’s partner. The reign lasted only 8 days, and he was fired by Bischoff in May 2003. Just weeks later “The Big Valbowski” re-emerged, competing in the Battle Royal for the re-instated Intercontinental Championship at Judgment Day. Val would later re-form his alliance with Lance Storm. After flying mostly solo following Lance’s retirement, Val formed a team with a seemingly natural ally, the near 500-pound Viscera, in the summer of 2005. Together, Val & Vis have been a successful team, scoring several wins on RAW and HEAT and nearly capturing the World Tag Team Championship on multiple occasions. While he may be a lover, Val also showed a different side of himself on Valentine's Day 2006 when he hosted the first-ever Val Venis "Love Stinks" St. Valentine's Day Sucktacular on On the March 27 RAW, Val suffered an inury that would keep him out of action for nearly three months. That night, Venis teamed with Viscera & Eugene to take on members of the Spirit Squad. As Val was set to hit the Money Shot, he was pushed off of the top rope and landed hard on his right elbow and shoulder. The Spirit Squad continued their attack after getting the victory, with Kenny hitting a top-rope legdrop onto Val, severely injuring his elbow in the process. After the match, Venis was helped from the ring with his arm in a sling. Val had surgery shortly after WrestleMania 22 to remove bone chips from his elbow and fix the damage done by the Spirit Squad. Whether on his own or by the side of frequent partner Viscera, don’t let The Big Valbowski’s love for the ladies be deceiving; Venis is a formidable foe who will do just about anything to get ahead of the competition.
    Favorite Show: RAW
    Favorite Finishing Move: Of course #1 is The Money Shot! #2 Reverse figure 4 leg lock ("Venis Fly Trap"-I believe I would like to change the name from Venis Fly Trap to ???? If you have a great name for my Reverse Figure 4 leg-lock, please let me know. If the name you come up with is catchy and creative, I will give you props credit by name right here on WWE Fan Nation! Shoot me a message with your best names for my crippling Reverse Figure Four Leg Lock!) #3 Fisherman Suplex (The Big Package) More to come!
Helllllllo Ladies!
Val Venis
Las Vegas, Nevada

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