Monthly Archive for May, 2007

There’s No Place Like

This is a bunch of stuff relating to the localhost ip taken off Apologies to all the non-technically minded people…

<Numi> hey, can you guys just check a site out and tell me if it's up?
<Haddock> depends, what is it?
<Numi> just my apache server, it works for me but seems to be down for anyone else
<Haddock> alright, what's the address?
<Haddock> ......
<Haddock> ...Yeah, it's up.

<Myren> someone ping flood this bastard please:
<darthv> ok
*** darthv has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<HaX.1337> U're all lame as hell here!!!!! I can hack u all in no time! just tell me your ip and u're dead!
<Maler.home> try mine
*** Signoff: HaX.1337 (Connection reset by peer)
<Damz|dispute> wow. never thought such a retard nick can get his hands on something actually working xD

There is a lot more of this stuff Here.

10 Good Unix Usage Habits

I’ve just found an interesting IBM Article, listing what they think are “10 Good Unix Usage Habits”, and how to avoid getting drawn into using bad usage patterns. Upon reading it, I have to admit that I am guilty of quite a number of the bad habits that they go through, and I will be taking on board some of the things it mentions.

Incidentally, this coincides with an entry I made a while back regarding the Linux Phrasebook, a small pocket-sized book that teaches the basic and essential Unix commands, helping new users (and even the experienced ones) in getting a firmer grip on how to navigate and conquer a BASH prompt.

They reckon the following 10 tips are worth picking up:

  1. Make directory trees in a single swipe.
  2. Change the path; do not move the archive.
  3. Combine your commands with control operators.
  4. Quote variables with caution.
  5. Use escape sequences to manage long input.
  6. Group your commands together in a list.
  7. Use xargs outside of find.
  8. Know when grep should do the counting — and when it should step aside.
  9. Match certain fields in output, not just lines.
  10. Stop piping cats.

Check out the full article here, definitely worth the read.

PayPal Leaves UK For Europe

PayPal have announced that they are now moving out of London, where it previously handled all its European transactions, and have decided to setup shop in Luxembourg instead, where it will be regulated by EU rules instead of the British Financial Services Authority.

Currently, PayPal (Europe) Ltd. is the service provider for PayPal in the EU. PayPal (Europe) Ltd. is a UK company regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK …

From 2 July 2007, a new PayPal company, PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. (PayPal Luxembourg), will become the service provider for PayPal in the EU. This is a Luxembourg entity regulated as a bank by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the Luxembourg equivalent of the FSA. PayPal Luxembourg will provide the PayPal service throughout the EU.

This is yet another kick to British PayPal user’s, representing the downgrade of a service and the Euroization of another British business.

Linux Hits Hollywood

Another great revelation for Linux! It turns out Linux has made its way into Movie production, with studio’s such as:

  • Digital Domain
  • Disney
  • Double Negative
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • Flash Film Works
  • Hammerhead
  • Industrial Light & Magic
  • Moving Picture Company
  • Pixar
  • Rhythm & Hues
  • Sony Pictures
  • Tippett
  • Weta Digital

Infact, most of the big animations and special effects created in Movies since 2002 have been made in Linux. Another step forward in creating a world of technology based entirely on open-source…

HD-DVD Decryption

Ever tried to play a HD-DVD on Linux? Well now you can. Behold! The HD-DVD Processing Key:


I bet someone got fired for leaking this…

I Need To Upgrade…


I was playing around with Wine earlier, when I thought I would check to see how Windows Live Messenger performed under Linux. About 3 seconds into the installation process, I was told I needed to “Upgrade to Windows 2000, XP or Later” to install it.

Upgrade? From Linux to Windows? Something about that just doesn’t sound right…

Microsoft & Yahoo

After many rumours and a load of vague announcements from both parties, it now looks a lot less likely that the merger between Microsoft and Yahoo will go ahead. The original plan was for Microsoft to take over Yahoo and merge their instant messaging and search engine functions in an attempt to gain a larger chunk of the online marketing industry, and take a bit of that cash cow from Google.

The merge was originally criticised due to the vast amount of difference between the two companies original network infrastructure, software and hardware setups, which would make a merger a very long and costly process. It was also estimated that such a merger would take somewhere in the region of 2 years to complete, and who knows what more Google will have brought out in that time.

It’s been common knowledge that Microsoft have been very much lacking in creating revenue through online adverts, and their, (for lack of a better description), failed effort that was Windows Live has done nothing more than slow the corporate machine down for the time being.

So what now for Microsoft? If the $50 billion merger goes ahead, it’s troubling times for MSN and Yahoo users. If it doesn’t go ahead, who knows…

Wii Shortages

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has announced that the shortages of the Nintendo Wii have not been deliberate, and admits that the shortage of the console was not expected, even when the console was being shipped 3 months ago…

Even with this shortage, the Wii is still thrashing the console market against the Xbox 360 (including the new ‘Elite’), and the Playstation 3. But don’t worry, as shipping of more consoles are expected to start next month, meeting demand and giving everyone the opportunity to put their Wi-Mote through the nearest Plasma TV.