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Remembering Mismatched Domains

Those of you who use Mozilla Firefox to access a website that has either a shared or a poorly designed SSL certificate, or Mozilla Thunderbird to check more than one email account from the same server, will have experienced the Domain Name Mismatch error. This error is generated when the SSL Certificate for the domain does not match the URL you have provided for the mail server.

I found this to be a huge pain, and I finally stumbled accross this excellent little plugin for Firefox and Thunderbird

Using this plugin, you will still be prompt with the error, but gives you the option of telling Firefox and Thunderbird to no longer prompt you again for that domain.

ASmallOrange Referral System (the people who host this blog) have just introduced a brand new referral system for keeping track of new customers being referred to the company by existing customers.

When compared to their old system, this is a massive step forward. The older system relied on manual checking of each order to obtain the referrer, and in my experience, this did not work very well. This new system provides a completely automated tracking system along with automatic button creation and custom coupon codes, overall resulting in instant account credit.

If you are looking for a new web hosting, be sure to follow my link and have a look at ASmallOrange, and don’t forget the coupons: $5 off order - 5DOLLARS or 15% off order - 15PERCENT.
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Archives, Navigation & Status

I’ve decided to activate a few nice features that come as part of the K2 Theme. The first you’ll notice is the “Advanced Navigation” feature, which incorporates a couple of simple, but very elegant, AJAX powered modules, such as the Live Search widget, that automatically displays results without the page refreshing. There is also an AJAX powered navigation slider that allows you to move around previous blog pages without having the refresh the page.

The second feature is the Archives Page, that shows a brief summary of all the posts and comments in the blog, as well as their Categories, Months of publish and a coloured, size-weighted tag cloud. All over, K2 is a pretty neat theme and I recommend anyone try it…

Finally, I’ve reinstalled and setup the Status Page (powered by Status2K), that does a very good of displaying the current status of the server in terms of running services and hardware (CPU, memory, disk usage, load etc). I picked up this script for $10 when the developer was first starting up, now it costs a bit more. It also lets you distribute dynamic server images, such as:

Again, I’d recommend this script to most people, especially webhosts looking to reassure customers of the reliability (or otherwise) of their servers.

It’s All Coming Together

So I’ve implemented the Gallery now, and again I’ve opted to use Menatlo’s Gallery2 script, due to the fact that its incredibly comprehensive, flexible and functional. I’m using the Greypop theme, integrated with Lightbox JS which makes images appear in tidy little javascript windows that look very nice… I’ve also got the ImageBlock on the sidebar there, which I had to do a fair bit of coding to get working properly (some issues with where it linked to conflicting with Lightbox) and removed the crappy comments that just junk everything up.

You can register on the Gallery, but right now I haven’t merged the Wordpress and Gallery2 databases so you’ll still have to register on them both separately, although when I get round to merging the databases I’ll try and merge the corresponding registrations but loss of comments and some accounts may occur, so I’ll send out an e-mail or something.

On another note, I’ve submitted Google Sitemaps for both the Blog and Gallery which will probably improve Search Engine Optimization a bit. Why? Because I’ll soon be writing tips, tricks, howto’s, faq’s and such like on coding snippits, linux, development and so on…


I’ve spent some time looking through the WordPress Theme Archive, and after much searching and testing I’m fairly sure I’m going to stick with the one you’re looking.

The theme is called Cordobo Green Park 0.93 Beta 4, it’s a very basic and minimalist design but I like it very much so. There is, ofcourse, quite a bit of modification required before I have it down to the way I want it, but the process has began.

A Change of Scene

Hello again!

Well, as you may have noticed, yet again we are experienced a change of enviroment. I have decided to no longer do business with the good people over at SliceHost (nothing against them, they do a bang up job and if you’re looking for VPS hosting, they come recommended), but more for the fact that I did not need that much power behind my simple Blog, and I do not have the time or effort to administer a VPS all by my lonesome.

So, instead I am giving the equally good people over at A Small Orange a try. I admit, that I was a bit put off by the company name as I don’t see the relation to the hosting world, but I read a few very positive reviews on them and their site was everything I like: simplicity, easy to navigate and straight to the point. I signed up, and after a few initial problems regarding my dedicated IP (for SSL) everything seems to be working tip-top.

I cannot be bothered with more switching and starting as far as hosting is concerned, so I imagine (assuming the service isn’t a train wreck) that I’ll be here for a while. Anyway, thats all for now.