What is IntelliBadge™?

IntelliBadge™, an NCSA experimental technology, is an academic experiment that uses smart technology to track participants at major public events.

IntelliBadge™ was first publicly showcased at SC-2002, the world's premier supercomputing conference, in the Baltimore Convention Center, November 16-21, 2002.

This was the first time that radio frequency tracking technology, database management/mining, real-time information visualizations and interactive web/kiosk application technologies fused into operational integrated system and production at a major public conference.

IntelliBadge™ at SC-2002
IntelliBadge™ team partnered with IEEE, NCSA and Savi Technology to to produce an exciting experience for SC02 showgoers. (more)

What's New?
IntelliBadge™ team develops innovative new software. (more)

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