The road goes from left to right under the picture. On the left is East (the sea). South is up and North is down. Sun doesn't shine to the bedrooms because of big trees around.

1. largest bedroom (dark & quiet)
2. small beddroom
3. long corridor with tile walls and some windows
4. Another bedroom (office)
5. loo
6. bathroom
7. kitchen & living room
8. Front door & Windows
9. covered carport (door to kitchen)
10. laundry room ( & Bluey's bedroom?)
From Cairns city about 10 km (10 min by car), 1 hour by bike. Along Captain Cook Highway to the North.
Machan's beach roundabout
Along Machan's beach road.
Facing towards the west (when going back to city). There are plenty of cane fields around the area.
Our house is further behind this little convenience store / gas station. 5 mins walk to here.
Quiet streets. Not many cars in the area.
The beach boulevard is about 10 mins walk away from our house.
Machans beach has it's tiny tiny post office (behind the public phone).
Our street is David street. Our house is behind the big trees on the left. Gate is on the left right before the cars you can see further.
You drive in past the bin, open the gate and to the carport. There'll be room for the bike too. Door goes to the kitchen. Another door (on the right) goes to laundry room.
Windows have fly screens. They are needed since this area has lots of mosquitos. Behind the windows is the corridor.
Backyard is small but private. Behind the bedroom windows there is shady position and a "jungle" that hides the neighbour's house. Perfect place for the cats.
The laundry area.
To the right from laundry area and car port. This is the least private corner. There is a friendly dog in next door. Didn't see dog on the other side.
Fron door. cat's "jungle" is round the corner.
Viewing the house from David street.
shower. No bath tub.
Kitchen is quite modern. Owen in bad shape.
Behind the kitchen there are first bathroom and toilet and then the bedrooms. All on the left. On the right of the corridor there are windows and the backyard.
Looking from master bedroom towards the kitchen. Every window has thick curtains. All floors are tile.
One of the small bedrooms. There is flourecent lamp and a ceiling fan in each room. There is that jungle behind the window. Can't see neighbour's house. Am planning to put a fence so that bluey can't come to disturb cats. May build a cat door in toilet window.