Busy Law Soc CEO takes second job
It has been revealed that the CEO of the Law Society, Janet Paraskeva, has taken on a part-time job - with the Law Society's support and apparently no cut in salary. 
You might think that, given her whopping £297,000 salary (see story) and last year's £28,000 bonus (see story), the Society might expect Paraskeva's full time attention. But it seems untroubled, commenting that "she can undertake this responsibility without affecting her work as chief executive".
Under her new role, Paraskeva will receive £7,000 from the Consumer Council for Water and will be required to work 24 days a year. A Law Society spokesman told us that any day spent on non Law Society business would require the approval of the president and that Paraskeva would do all the work in the evenings, at weekends or during her annual leave. Hmmmm…

A shameless embarrassment

Apparently Paraskeva will become "an independent champion of water and sewerage consumers in England and Wales" - although quite how one becomes a sewerage consumer remains, mercifully, a mystery. Her duties will include, amongst other things, providing advice, investigating consumer enquiries and handling complaints. Much as she's supposed to be doing for the Law Society in fact.
On the up-side, at least it is now beyond dispute that she does, ahem, a crap job.


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