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incoming only?
still haven't gotten it to work

only uses 775 area codes (Nevada)

They are hopeless to deal with. You can't call them and they don't respond much to email.

For a while I had an account with them with no problems. Recently though I can no longer receive faxes.

I have used them for a while. True that they only have 775 area codes but what does that really matter? It is $3.95/month and if you receive a large number of faxes I guess that's cheap. Since I only receive 1-2/month, it's not really worth it. . .but what's my alternative?

I am nearing the end of my free trial and I won't be signing up with Callwave. I have not recieved a majority of my faxes through Callwave. I like the price and the service when it works and I actually recieve my faxes. Callwave has a great price and a great concept and if they can ever get it together to where the service actually works I will sign up in a minute.

I have been using Callwave messenger since early 2001. They offer other services, but this is the only one I use. Ithas been excellent. I have had NO problems with it. Recently they started offering the option to start downloading as PDF files. That has been extremely helpful making it so that I can easily forward my faxes around to various people in my industry. The only thing that I wish they had that they don't is a local fax number for my area of the country, but I am sure if they did have it, it would be more than $3.95 a month.

If they had local numbers I never would have been looking around and posting on this site.

I signed up 4 days ago for the free 30 day trial and it has worked great. Receive my faxes immediately in pdf form. Also has a list of local numbers for the Atlanta area now. Don't know about elsewhere. For $3.95 a month I can't ask for more. I'm hoping that the problems listed by others are in the past. Although I did email them a couple of questions after I signed up and they have been non-responsive. I haven't tried the support number yet.

I wanted to try the service, but there is no way I am going to give money to a company that has no number to call and does not respond to email! Hopeless SOBs!

have used callwave without problems for months. have a local ohio area code fax number that works perfectly. this morning, however, received an email from them saying they'd be raising the monthly fee from $3.95 to $7.95 effective in july!! looks like i'll be shopping around.

I have had call wave for a year. They just sent me an email telling me that my fees have doubled. I have never had a problem with the service, but a doubling of my fees is absolutely inexcusable. However, I have had a pleasant experience working with their customer service, and have gotten some free months from them. When those are up. . I am out. . .


I have been using Faxwave for almost 3 years! I have NEVER had a problem with them. I started out with the trial and free faxes, back when they had the 775 numbers... I know have a local number with my local area code. I pay $7.95 per month and have never missed a fax, get them almost immediately! I would highly recommend them! I sell Real Estate and do Mortgages and I most of this from home, and sometimes while I am on vacation; FaxWave allows me to have access anytime anywhere! :rolleyes:

I signed up for CallWave only to receive faxes. Less than a month later they doubled the price and gave me a bunch of services I don't use or need at all. I had just printed cards with their fax number and hated to waste the money for new cards with a new number . However, I have now moved and need to print new cards, so I'm looking for a new provider.

I have used CallWave for about 6 months. I do pay $7.95 per month but I consider it worth it. I receive large (30 page) faxes 3-4 times per week and I receive them generally within 30 seconds of when the last page is sent. I received a 1 page test fax I sent in about 10 seconds. I have an Orlando fax number and companion telephone number (I live im MD but spend a lot of time near Orlando). I get both faxes and phone calls promptly. I have called the tech support number twice, and both times the response was good although the wait time was longer than I would have liked. All-in-all, I am satisfied with CallWave.

I've used callwave for a few months. In most cases their service is reliable, except that I can't fax to my self (for generating PDF files that I can email) from my area code: 919. According to Callwave this will be fixed in a few months, but I don't know whether I can wait.

Scott K wrote:
incoming only?
still haven't gotten it to work

Website says $7.95 a month.

I've had some success with a few other companies. I have been using e-fax ( for over a year now. There was a problem for a day receiving faxes which resolved itself coincidentally after I called their customer service...which is located in India and is extremely horrible.

I also use Specialty Answering Service ( to manage my messages. Both companies are pretty cheap and effective. If anyone on this forum is still having problems, give them a holla!!

I used callwave and it was ok...but the best that I had found was Rapid Fax. They seem to be the best on customer service & Price.

You can check them out here -