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Can I run a fax blast through an internet fax service?

Yes, most of the services in our internet fax service list will allow you to simultaneously send faxes to more than one recipient.  This allows you to create fax blasts (or fax broadcasts), for example, to notify your clients of new products, price list updates, etc.

Note that there might be restrictions on unsolicited fax advertisement in your location, so it's best to become informed.

Each provider will have his own method of enabling fax broadcasts, but broadly speaking there are several methods:

1. Email a document (for example, a Word file) and a list (for example, in Excel format) to a certain address.  The provider takes it from there, distributing your document to all the destinations in your list.

2. Simply place all of your recipients in the To: field of your email.  Since this is inconvenient for large lists, an alternative is to define a group of email-to-fax recipients in your address book, then send an email to that list.

3. Manage a list on the provider's servers, then send a single document to that list.