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Bad Chapbooks

  • Your Guilt Is A Miracle by Ryan Dobran
    This post-poem features a 15" concept-mouth and a removable 36" wooden image-handle. The heavy duty muslin, designed to minimize damage to the noumenon's fragile wings. Dox-bran's little wrists flick out faster than their abundant chandelles and Immelmanns can handle.

  • When I Say I Believe Women... by Emily Critchley
    4.00 incl. P&P.; Like yr "GO" Pringles, but galleried in chitin. It says whether philosophy can handle crying & kissing.

    From Bad To Worse: Out of Print

  • Motion Study by Kai Fierle-Hedrick
    Out of printy-wint. By page three your personal identity has been taken from the bowl and lain on the pillow. Check out if you are bereft.

  • Baudelaire's fleurs by Michael Kindellan
    These are now out of print. But they were very good. Write to your MP about Kindellan & Reitha Pattison's recent battle translations, Word is Born, from Arehouse.| more | PDF

  • Cocteau Turquoise Turning by Marianne Morris
    Out of print. It's kind of a love poem, I guess.
    "the franked remains of her
    first ghost, still alive and thriving in the rose
    carriage of bones." | more

  • Fetish Poems by Marianne Morris
    Incorrigibly beautiful. Now out of print. Poems about commodity shamanism. | more

  • 5 Merits in the Liberty Bodice by Stuart Calton
    This is a chapbook we nearly published this one time.

  • Gathered Tongue by Marianne Morris
    Out of print. Most of the poems in this chapbook are about bodies in love, wilting in a divine flamethrower-petal and a Satanic fondue. | more

  • Poems in Order by Marianne Morris
    Out of print. Juvenelia by fashionable hydraulic poetess. Looks like we're all out of Marianne. If you'd've come on Thursday now. Get A New Book From Barque Press, Which They Will Probably Not Print (Barque 2006) and Tutu Muse: Prophylactic Poems for the Last Generation (FBN 2008).

  • String Theories by Kai Fierle-Hedrick
    Out of print. Now in its twenty-sixth edition, this caterwaul contains rather intricate and delicate lattice-structures. | more

  • He Pearls That We by various hands
    Chaospbook about names and other things. Out of print.

    Bad Correspondent

    I sense you've been hurt in the past

  • Bad Serials

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    Bad Breath

  • Charles Baudelaire / Sean Bonney | listen
  • Elizabeth-Jane Burnett | listen | listen
  • Fanny Howe | listen
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  • Sophie Robinson | listen | listen | listen for a bit

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