ShakiraSexiest Performances
While we may disagree on how to curb global warming, can we at least agree that Shakira is one fine looking woman?
The diva from Detriot taught London a thing or two about rockin', rollin' and environmental conservation.
Beastie BoysLive Earth Top 10
Take a peek at the best performances from Sydney to New York.
Spinal TapLive Earth London
The London gig was a star-studded affair, so nobody seemed to mind that Spinal Tap showed up, too.
Aussie StadiumLive Earth Australia
There's more to Australia than baby-eating dingoes. Case in point, the Live Earth concert series that kicked off in Sydney.
Bon JoviLive Earth New York
Giants Stadium, Bon Jovi and a cause. What more do you need?
Copacabana BeachLive Earth Brazil
Lenny Kravitz topped the bill, but global warming awareness stole the show at Copacabana Beach.

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