Who is cooperix.net?

Cooperix.net was started by Michael Richardson and Russell McOrmond in 2003, when Russell's building on Sparks street was expropriated and knocked down. At the time, Michael was looking for a place that wasn't his home for hosting of core infrastructure for the Linux FreeS/WAN project.

The name comes from the fact that the initial location for cooperix was at 309 Cooper Street. We started with 3 SDSL links to 3 different ISPs, and a 4Mb/s link to ottix.net for local peering.

In 2006, availability of replacement DSL hardware became an issue, and acquisitions in the backbone ISP space had reduced our redundancy significantly. At the same time, our bandwidth requirements were mounting.

In May 2006, Russell McOrmond re-aligned his business, and became a customer of cooperix.net rather than an owner, and Michael Richardson sold cooperix.net to Xelerance.com, Mr. Richardson's new business.

Cooperix is currently located in a Class A- data centre just west of Ottawa's downtown. It is a 2km cycle for Mr. Richardson from his home, should the need to visit arise.

Michael Richardson
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