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At 10 o'clock on the night of 18th April, 1930, a group of six revolutionaries led by Ganesh Ghosh, captured the Police Armoury in Chittagong. Another group of ten revolutionaries led by Loknath Pal took over the Auxiliary Force Armoury along with its Lewis guns and 303 army rifles. Telephone and telegraph communications and movement by rail were disrupted.

All the revolutionary groups then gathered outside the Police Armoury where Master Surya Sen, dressed in an immaculate white khadi dhoti and a stiffly ironed Gandhi cap, took a military salute, and hoisted the National Flag amid shouts of Bande Mataram and Inquilab Zindabad.

The band of revolutionaries then dispersed into the nearby villages of the Chittagong hill ranges. Despite the burning of several villages, punitive fines on many others, and combing operations amidst a reign of terror, the villagers, most of them Muslim, gave food and shelter to the revolutionary outlaws and enabled them to survive for 3 years. Master Surya Sen was finally arrested on 16th February 1933, and tried and hanged on 12 January, 1934.

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Photo Courtesy : Wills Book of Excellence - Hockey