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The Sims™ 2 Holiday Edition

The Sims 2 Holiday Edition
The Sims 2 Holiday Edition Celebrate the Season with a Limited Edition
of The Sims 2!

Celebrate the season with a limited edition of The Sims™ 2. The Sims™ 2 Holiday Edition includes The Sims 2 plus The Sims™ 2 Happy Holiday Stuff. Create and control your cast of Sims characters. Determine their personalities, appearance, behavior, choices, and more. Design and enhance their homes with countless building and décor options. Guide them through a lifetime! And now you can add sparkle to their holiday celebrations with a bonus collection of festive holiday items from around the world. 'Tis the season to explore the open-ended, creative gameplay of the world's most popular people simulator! Give the perfect gift-classic Sims gameplay spiced up for the holidays!

Includes Bonus Copy of The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff!

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Bestselling Sims Gameplay:
Discover The Sims 2 with this limited edition holiday release! Create Sims, give them personalities, decide their life goals, and control their entire lives.
Create Their World:
Design and decorate dream houses with countless building, furnishing, and décor options.
Holiday Home Décor:
Decorate their homes with winter-themed door and window treatments, a variety of garden ornaments, festive figurines and sculptures, special occasion linens, and more.
Holiday Get-Togethers:
Enliven your Sims' parties and events with all-new holiday items from around the globe.
Holiday Fashions:
Dress your Sims in traditional holiday apparel such as Japanese kimonos, jolly elf costumes, and more.
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