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Northeast Division
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Irish Club, Newcastle
21st August, 7.30pm

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Wickford Community Centre
21st September, 12noon


 FSF declare victory over GAM£ 39

FSF declare victory over GAM£ 39


The FSF believe that the GAM£ 39 proposal is now effectively dead. We are therefore calling a halt to the current NO TO GAM£ 39 campaign in order to enable us to concentrate on the many other issues of great concern to football fans.

Its down to you, the fans, that this campaign has been such a success. Thousands signed the online petition that, incidentally, has become one of the biggest football related petitions ever.


GAM£ 39 campaign kick starts local fans' networks


The series of regional NO TO GAM£ 39 campaign meetings which the FSF called were certainly not in vain.

The NO TO GAM£ 39 issue united supporters of clubs the length and breadth of the land and proved what can be achieved when fans stand together.

Bitter traditional local rivalries were put on hold, and as a result, local supporters networks have simply never been stronger. What the NO TO GAM£ 39 campaign has collectively taught us is that we can have a real influence on those who run the game in England and Wales. Never again will we be taken for granted - and we must now ensure that the supporters movement maintains the momentum it has gained over the past month or so.

We will be doing our utmost to ensure a better deal for football fans everywhere - and the more members we have the bigger our bargaining power with the powers that be.

Further regional meetings aimed at consolidating contacts made during the NO TO GAM£ 39 campaign will be held during forthcoming months, and we will keep you fully informed dates, times and venues of meetings in your locality.

In the meantime if you haven't already joined the FSF do to today!

We could only defeat the GAM£ 39 idea because so many fans got got stuck in and we need to make sure that as many of you as possible stay involved for when things like this happen in the future. The FSF acts as a football supporters' union.


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