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FrontPAGE - Get Away

» Couples Swept Away, Jamaica
By Dorothy Tene Redmond | Published 07/2/2008 | FrontPAGE - Get Away | Unrated

Couples Swept Away Resort, Jamaica provides the epitome of perfection to author your very own romance novel. Located on Negril’s breathtaking Seven Mile Beach, the property has over 312 Caribbean-style suites, six unique restaurants; The Palms - Open-Air Beach-Side Dining Room, Feathers- a gourmet restaurant, Al Fresco Sea Grape Café, Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Patios Patio, and Cabana Grill.
» Couples Resorts Negril, Jamaica
By Dorothy Tene Redmond | Published 06/27/2008 | FrontPAGE - Get Away | Unrated

If you ever needed to fall in love or in love again, Couples has you covered! I had an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Couples Negril property for several days of relaxation and day dreaming.