The History of the Olympic Games

Sweden’s gold medal Jumping team in Stockholm 1912:
Gustaf Kilman (Gätan), Frederik Rosencrantz (Draban), Carl
Gustaf Lewenhaupt (Medusa) and Hans Von Rosen (Lord Iron)
Welcome to the history section of the new Olympic Games website. Dotted with a rich history and century spanning heritage, the Olympic Games are a never ending treasure trove of information and peculiarities reflecting a particular time and place.

In light of all this, and so much more, we are pleased to provide you with succinct summaries on every edition of the Olympic Games, including the Ancient Olympic Games, with a focus on all things equestrian.

As you will see on your left, a table of contents outlines each edition, where you will find pertinent information relating to the equestrian events as well as the overall organisation of each edition, with among others, the following information:  
·          Where and when (why and how)
·          Key Figures (both general and equestrian)
·          Summaries of the equestrian events per discipline
·          Complete factsheet on every edition with medallists included available in pdf format for download.

You may consult the full results in the Results section of the website, as well as view photos from each edition of the Games in the Photos section.


Beaming, the experienced and highly acclaimed Dressage riders, individual medallists at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens