Treat the cause, not the symptoms. Naturally.


Dr. Justin Pollack is an Oregon native who graduated from the Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington in 1990.  He earned his N.D. from Bastyr University in Seattle in 1999, and was awarded a residency in family practice at the teaching clinics of NCNM.  Dr. Pollack practiced for two years following his residency in Portland, Oregon, while also serving as an adjunct clinical faculty at NCNM.  He is a family practitioner, specializing in allergies (allergy elimination with BioSET), liver and digestive issues, endocrinology (diabetes II, low thyroid), immunology (colds to Hepatitis C, or HIV), natural blood pressure and cholesterol reduction. 

Philosophy: I became a Naturopathic Doctor because of my love of the natural world, and the true healing I feel takes place there.  Each person must find their own state of health, and my work involves helping them do that.  Whether it be improving wellness, or healing from disease, the approach is the same: reconnect the individual with the subtle clues their body is giving them, then strengthen the body's self-healing ability.  Healing involves removing obstacles to health such as toxicity, infection, allergy, or malnutrition, and empowering the "vis medicatrix naturae" (intelligent self-healing ability of the body).  


Dr. Kimberly Nearpass is a Colorado native who graduated from Colorado College in 1992.  After serving in the Peace Corps in Lesotho, Africa, raft guiding and ski bumming in Colorado and working as a naturalist guide in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, she began her Naturopathic coursework.  She graduated in 2003 from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon.  She is a family practitioner specializing in the Naturopathic treatment of women's health issues, including menopause, irregular menses, infertility, PMS and annual exams/PAPs.  She also enjoys working with pediatrics and geriatrics. 

Philosophy: My philosophy as a practitioner includes the basic tenets of Naturopathic Medicine.  True healing involves a return to balance.  This balance can often be reached with the assistance of gentle therapeutics, such as botanicals, homeopathy, nutrition and age-old hydrotherapy techniques.  For some, healing may require stronger tools.  It is also of utmost importance to address mental, emotional and spiritual issues that may be creating obstacles to health.  I believe that each patient has her or his own unique path towards health.  It is important to travel with the patient, at their speed, using therapies that resonate best with that individual.  Working together with my patients, the road towards health becomes an important, and of course exciting journey.  From this perspective, "dis-ease" can be thought of as a gift that provides us with valuable lessons and insight. 


the "Nearpass-Pollacks"  The name of our clinic, "Mountain-River" is a lot like our family name, Nearpass-Pollack.  Dr. Nearpass grew up in the mountains of Colorado, while Dr. Pollack grew up on the rivers of Oregon.  We met while kayaking on a river in Washington in the fall of 1999, and found ourselves getting engaged, then married on the same riverbank a year later.  Our days off find us on the mountains with our telemark skis, hiking boots, or mountain bikes, and on the rivers in our kayaks or family raft.  Since we find health, wellness and balance for ourselves in nature, it was the mountains, rivers and thousands of acres of national forest around Summit County (and the opportunity to be the first Naturopathic Doctors in any of the small towns that make up this county) that drew us to Frisco.  2007 finds us with our daughter Leila Mae in her 3rd year of life, and an adoption process via family channels almost complete with our new 7-year old son, named Myles Grant.  After two years of toil, and help from many friends and family, we are happily living in the passive-solar "cabin in the woods" we built ourselves from recycled materials.  Both doctors are actively working with the CANP to acheive licensure for Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado





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