Rapper  T.I a.k.a Clifford Harris and girlfriend Tameka Tiny Cottle have welcomed a baby boy named Major Harris:

VIA PEOPLE.COM:T.I. and his girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle welcomed their second son together after midnight Friday morning, the rapper’s rep confirmed exclusively to PEOPLE.

The infant’s name is Major Harris, and he weighed in at 5 lbs., 15 oz. He is the fifth child for T.I., 27, and his second with Cottle. The couple are already parents to son King Harris, 3.

“God has blessed us with another miracle,” says T.I., born Clifford Harris.

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  1. congrats she had her baby on Janet’s birthday

  2. Hope that kid looks like T.I. and his other boys Messiah and Damani rather than King and his ugly ass mama!

  3. 0KAY H0W MANY iiS THAT iiN ALL … SHE HAS 0NE 0F HER 0WN [[ 1 ]] .. T.ii HAS F0UR [[ 4 ]] … T0GETHER iiTSZ TW0 [[ 2 ]] . S0 THAT LEAVESZ UHM 7 .. 0KAY SHE G0N’ HAVE T0 KEEP HER LEGSZ CL0SED F0R N0W 0N

  4. ti i hope the best for you and your wife and your kids and the new
    baby major from your number one fan all day every day kiana harris

  5. ti honestly i think u have beautiful kids and i think your a good
    father cuz i see u some times with your kids

  6. ti i am a big fan of your music and like every thing about u that
    i know about . i look up to u more than a fan i look up to u
    more than an idol cuz your that special to me

  7. ti i have been to all your concerts , i have all your cds ,
    every movie that your in,every poster of u and because u my mom
    hates my room ,all my friends calls me misses harris cuz i think
    of u as my future husband . but don’t think im a stalker cuz im
    not trust me cuz every one think im a stalker because i almost know like every tihng about u and becuz your like one of my top convisation and i think your very good lookin and it’s not just
    becuz your famous .

  8. T.I yoUs FLy !!! N ThA SeXccIEst PeRs0n IVe EvA SEeN… l0l iM PreTTy HoT 2… BuT StAy TruE !! ..Savanna…

    love u ti ur fckin sexxxxxxi
    call me

  10. hey T.I. congrats on your new son. I hope he look just like you SEXY i dont think you should have anymore kids until yo get with me met me in da A!

  11. awww congrats ti

  12. I respect T.I so much just for taking care of his kids , thats a big deal period, so many black men are absent in their childrens lives, its okay if he wants to have alot of kids as long as he provides for them. so keep em comin T.I AND TINY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think all his kids are cute and it’s good to see him taking care of his kids.

  14. T.I. congrats on the new addition I know he will become a king too. I am one of your bigest fans. You have received my love from day 1… Can’t nobody tell me T I .. aint the KING.. I’ll always LOVE you T.I … And Tameka “Tiny” Cottle take care of my KING’s (T.I & the boys) they are in your hands. ONE LUV ALWAYZ!!!

  15. Why do you dumbasses write on here as if the celebs will actually read this???

  16. Aww that baby wasn’t mine . .lmao jaykay

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