:: Annual Report 2007
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1. Corporate Structure and Share Performance (56KB)
2. Organisation Chart (49KB)
3. Board of Directors and Profile (90KB)
4. Senior Management Team (66KB)
5. Chairman's Statement (163KB)
6. Statement on Corporate Governance (47KB)
7. Report of the Audit Committee (31KB)
8. Statement on Internal Control (31KB)
9. Other Compliance Information (31KB)
10. Statement of Directors' Responsibility (24KB)
12. Corporate Social Responsibility (90KB)
12. Financial Statements (223KB)
13. Properties of the Group (43KB)
14. Analysis of Shareholdings (34KB)
15. Notice of Annual General Meeting (32KB)
16. Statement Accompanying Notice of Annual General Meeting (30KB)
17. Proxy Form (42KB)
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