Sixteen Decisions

Quotes from the Press

"...Gayle Ferraro's revealing and encouraging "Sixteen Decisions"...In telling Selina's story sensitively, Ferraro discovers how the oppressive condition of Bangladeshi women is changing through the Grameen bank's program." -- read full Los Angeles Times article
"Watching a documentary about a bank doesn't sound like the most scintillating way to spend an hour, but the Grameen Bank is not your ordinary financial institution... first-time filmmaker Gayle Ferraro explores how Grameen founder Muhammad Yunus, typically lending money in amounts as low as $60, has powerfully affected the lives of his customers." -- read full Washington Post article
"Inspiring." -- read full Boston Globe review
"There are the lives of many American women even if the 'chains' are of a different caliber in the United States." -- read full Kennedy School Bulletin review
"Ferraro's film depicts a feminist revolution, albeit quite different from the bra-burning U.S. feminist revolution of a few decades."  -- read full Boston Herald review
"'16 Decisions'" is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the Bangladeshi poor." -- read full review
"There were so many parts of the story where the audience (almost all non-South Asian) were moved by the tales that these women had to tell. ...It was a 'virtual' trip through Bangladesh and a rich visual experience." -- Dr. Abdul Shibli at EB2000
The Boston/Cambridge Tab
"The film also takes a long hard look at the problems women in endure in a country that doesn't give much respect to women." -- Boston/Cambridge Tab
NPR - "The Connection", featuring Dr. Yunus and Gayle Ferraro